Here are cheap 1000ml glass bottle you need

Item Model/Manufacturer: 1000ml glass bottle
Description: Great new 1000ml glass bottles, wide mouth with orange cap. Easy for liquid/oil Storage. Cheap price with free shipping to your door address!!
Price/MSRP: $2.5
Current location of item: In stock in USA
Fulfillment: Direct from seller

Please contact:
Whatsapp: +86 15906620534

We will provide with best services and products for you.


Hi Roy welcome to the community


Thank you Tom

last stock in promotion!First come, first served

We are interested in purchasing some of these bottles but everyone seems to want to sell them in full pallets.

Anyone sell them in small quantities? I know the price wouldn’t be the same but I don’t need 1000 of these bottles, just a couple dozen at a time maybe.

Already DM you, please check your message

LAST PALLET SOLD OUT. New bottles will be coming soon, accept reservations.

Maybe orange can be changed into something else, like purple

Hoping to order three pallets. What is the better price to Cali?

Got bottles from @cindy.fc weeks ago, $2.3

Thank you!