Heptane has sulphur in

Hello everyone

I’m in the U.K. and as such struggle to get clean solvents , I’ve just got some 99.5%heptane but it’s showing as having sulphur <2ppm(didn’t show on website) …. I’ve done a search on here and seen you can use copper to remove this …
Could I just add copper scrubbies to the heptane before I use it ?
Will <2ppm sulphur matter once distilled and used for carts??
What copper is Best to use if needed?
If not able to put in heptane how best to use it??
Thanks in advance

Label for reference

Thinking i can loose benzene in distillation :+1:t4::-1:t3:

you may find there to be more sulfur in your bud than in that heptane.

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So you wouldn’t worry about it??

Am I overthinking things again​:rofl::rofl:?

well i can’t speak specifics but possibly if i got a little more info.

what exactly are you using the heptane for?

I’ll be using the heptane to run oil through a few colour remediation powders if needed… my start material isn’t the best so it’s a backup to get desired colour if too dark after distillation

so your going to dilute your crude and use the heptane to run CRC.

then you plan to rotovap off the heptane? then distill your cleaned up crude into distillate for use in vape carts?

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Yep that’s the general plan…but … I’ve no rotovap ,hoping to get most heptane out either in a table top distiller(not sure if this will work) or hot plate with stirrer then distill to remove any remaining volatiles / heptane(it boils @98deg c at atmospheric pressure).

i dont have much experience here but without a rotovap i would look into a solvent that has a lower boiling point. getting your hot plate over 100c without a ventilation hood seems sketchy at best.


Gonna be up quite hot to decarb and can set up an extraction hood

Looked at pentane but in U.K. it has even more impurities

Boiling point is 36 deg c

Would this be better to use?

Can get molecular sieves to remove water content

from what i’ve read people use alkanes for their CRC … so i guess your answer lies in what your willing to set up equipment wise and what you can get away with safely. i can’t get ALL the heptane out when i do LLE and then rotovap so i throw my vac as hard as i can. get my water bath up to 80c and then when i redistill it pulls out the residual heptane with my terp/volatiles before i get into heads fraction. good luck my friend.

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Thanks mate