Hempire direct has domain seized by swisher international


I think it’s for the hempire name, I know the paper brand got bought out by Swisher a while ago. I haven’t had time to read the whole thing yet

Very interesting… thank you for sharing

Haha look at the sister site buydelta8online.com with discount code screwbigtobacco.

What are they thinking. Yeah, they are really shaking up the Industry with 30 dollar terped singles :roll_eyes:

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maintain your domain if you start one has anyone seed cheeba? http://ww1.cheebachiefextracts.com/?sub1=cf9600be-c6fe-11eb-a612-bc91197a55f5 I should buy it and add thumper under police.

if swisher sells blunts its game over for that segment of the market. I dont know blunt rollers so whatever, they havve been overpaying to just roll a blunt.

I’m not a lawyer, and I want pretend to be but that sucks balls.

Who the hell thinks about tobacco when they hear the term Hemp?

This kinda shit wouldn’t have passed the smell test a few years ago.

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Tobacco pretty much owns hemp now imo. They’re starting to get involved cause “muh dolans” and “muh power”

Say bye bye to ma and pa hemp farms and independent hemp corporations now as toebackoh steps in.

Its all gonna be grown like Tobaco is.

Wonder what chemicals they’re gonna put into hemp cigarettes


People may not like hempire direct for their own reasons but I don’t think anyone should be able to own something as simple as “empire” with an “h” in front of it. Unless they also sold hemp wrap/papers I don’t see this as anything other than a money grab on swisher.

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hempire is an established line of hemp rolling papers, owned by swisher Hempire | Swisher

but i dont think hempire direct sold papers etc. seems kinda shite, but with the current status of d8 being considered illegal by the dea im sure its considered legal.

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This used to be the only type of paper I would buy, I think they changed it up in recent years though. Hemp raws seem better now


Im not disagreeing. If you Google “hempire” there are a ton of different types of businesses built off this hemp+empire name. There has been for as long as I can remember. Hempire papers don’t even show up first.

I’m not an expert in trademark law but there are some conditions where if several businesses are using a common word or phrase and the trademark owner is not enforcing it then it is less enforceable later on. Most companies hire a third party to monitor instances of their trademark being used in commerce.

This was never really very original and they obviously have let several brands get built around it. They obviously knew the name has been in use, many of these other hempire sites have been around for several years. Unless hempire direct started selling the same product, hemp papers, then it shouldn’t be enforceable given how long they have pretended not to notice. They waited so they had deeper pockets to go after.