Hemp x Botanical blends (100% organic plant derived) - good enough for you to try?

Hello everyone.

Firstly, apologies for my last thread, I realise I asked some questions I was already previously given the answer to; no excuse, but its the weed. Im cutting it out so I can focus on business.

I have come to find that theres a segment of the Concentrates community that looks upon BDTs (botanicals) with disgust - they’re ‘fake’ blends, lab blends, etc. I would like to point out, however, that true BDT’s are indeed derived from plants. There has been synthetic monoterpenes forever, and blends of these are not BDT’s. They’re synthetic terpene blends. Which nobody wants to or should use. I can’t name any of these companies, but they most certainly exist, many such on ebay and the like. Wouldn’t be surprised if some top names were doing the same too.

Point is, I see nothing wrong with Terpenes being extracted from organic Apples and Blueberries and cinnamon, and blending them together recreate a skywalker OG profile. There should be no fundamental difference between these terpenes and those derived from cannabis or hemp, except for precise compositions (and the lack of many minor compounds not accounted for in the BDTs).

1). Do you guys agree with the above assessment / differentiation? Or is it FUCK BDTs, HDTs and CDTS only?

  1. Would you TEST a product that was comprised of 60% Organic, HEMP derived Terpenes, and 40% ORGANIC, BOTANICALLY derived Terpenes? If not, why not?

I am also considering crafting blends of CANNABIS DERIVED TEPENES - top of the range expensive ones - with the Hemp. This is to create profiles that are markedly superior to the Hemp Derived terpenes, but cheaper than Cannabis derived. I would expect the quality to also be in-between hemp and cannabis derived.

3). If I were to create a CDT blend, should I avoid Botanicals altogether? If it were just CDT and HDT, it would be a product 100% derived from Cannabis plants - there may be people who would appreciate that. Should I omit the use of Botanicals in such a blend?

Any advice would be much, much appreciated.

When we are ready, we will launch with a new brand, new website, etc. ‘weedvapes’ was causing too many issues.

I have created 5 Terpene profiles that, in my honest opinion, match the strain VERY closely, in both smell and taste. These are:

#1 - Skywalker OG
#2 - Runtz
#3 - Silver Bubble ( / super silver haze , amnesia haze , other similar hazes)
#4 - Wedding Cake - Least accurate but a very pleasant aroma and taste; probably similar to ice cream cakes and other cakes, but I have only tried wedding cake. It is slightly more ‘spicy’ than wedding cake.
#5 Apple Fritter - initial heavy notes of spice, earth, and cake, then a subtle deeper apple aroma cuts through the base.

I am extremely impressed with number 3, if you are from London or probably anywhere in the UK, and you smelled or tasted it, you would guess the strain within 3 tries. Silver Bubble and similar hazes are a classic over here.

The above are 100% organic, and are blends of 60% Hemp, 40% Botanically Derived terpenes.

I would love to get some feedback from you guys. I am aiming firstly for Terpene Quality - THEN its strain accuracy.

Thank you so much for reading guys.

All I need to know is if you would ever consider such a product or would instantly write it off.

It is my aim that their quality will speak for themselves, but its the initial purchase.

Botanical Derived Terpenes should be exactly that… derived from botanical plants.

If they are synthetic then they should be Synthetically Derived Terpenes.

I would not suggest adding botanicals to a HDT or CDT as it no longer stays in the CDT or HDT category. The better way to market that option would be a botanically derived terpene with HDT/CDT additives but i dont see that really getting better traction than a full HDT or CDT.


You have been in the hemp terp space for 2 months and are trying to sell to the people that showed you your plugs? Lolkay

Stop being so argumentative bro - Im not trying to sell anything, Im more doing market research. I’d like to know if a mix of botanicals and hemp would put people off over straight hemp

Yes I agree bro, but unfortunately, theres people at least in Europe who are mixing synthetic limonene and the such and calling their blends botanicals.

I believe the thought of a chemist manufacturing Terpenes from chemicals and mixing them has been associated (by some, not al), with BDT’s - putting them off. i may be wrong. But for a little while I myself was confusing the two, at times.

Asymmetric information is definitely an issue

Terpenes are a waste product. Nonone wants floral waste product, they want the botanicals that the original extractors didn’t throw away. If i were selling botanicals, the last thing i would sell were the terps.

Every vendor of distillate from London to South Africa would disagree, but cool!

You are 100% anti BDT’s then? So does that mean if I offered you a sample of your favourite strain as a 60:40 HDT BDT mix, you would refuse it and not try it?

That is my question. I wanna send you guys, the experts in this game, my Terps, and get your feedback. I dont want your money just your honesty!

The point of blending HDTs into BDTs would be to both enhance the accuracy of the profile with tastes and aromas from real cannabis plants (Hemp plants) - thus bettering the quality of straight BDT’s - at a price point cheaper than pure Hemp Terpenes.

Not only that, but it seems to work very fucking nicely. Ive made some gorgeous profiles here, that I like better than straight Botanicals AND straight Hemp Terps; literally Id order them as CDTs, HDT/BDT/CDT blends, HDTs, BDTs.

I see a lot of similarities between your plan and mine from 2019. I’d try the blends but I wouldn’t buy it, and I wouldn’t advise you to throw your own effort in blending while you are outside the US.

Many cart companies already mix together hemp and botanicals, with huge r&d budgets. In the terpene market, you have to offer your clients something they cannot already get themselves. They have deals with both botanical and hemp terpene suppliers to get them exactly what they need.

Positioned as you are you would be fighting uphill r&ding. If you have distribution already secured in europe, id advise you to get a visa asap and do your plan either in oregon, California, or Oklahoma; where you would have access to wider variety and immediate testing.

Botanical terpenes are so cheap because they are often the waste stream from other industries. I cannot stress enough what a waste it would be to purchase those waste streams from a vendor that is simply mixing them for you. I would reccomend finding one of those formulators recently out the job and leveraging their recipes at a discount from what itd cost to develop them yourself

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I cannot stress enough how the cheapest place to purchase anything cannabis related is in the united states. Even if you purchase your hemp or cannabis terps, there are some additives that can give you an edge on flavor, but none will give you an edge on price like buying fresh frozen by the ton and running it through either a bho toll or a steam still. If you want a competitive edge, that is your only option.

With your current plan you may remain competitive in your market from half a year to maybe a full year before you will need to do raw material sourcing anyway. If you start on the ground now, you will be in a position where you are literally years ahead. Eventually the old world will catch up, but you will have been there before regulations and competitors, so you can survive for years instead of months.

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The “experts in the game” already know the answer to your question. Perhaps you would benefit from listening to the answers from the experts instead of just convincing yourself that the expert answers are wrong here. You are conversing with people that are far far far more experienced than you in this arena, and challenging that hard-earned experience comes off as a wee bit silly (and a lot bit inexperienced).

Are you an autist?

I send man X a sample. Man X gives his feedback on said sample.

And according to you, the act of doing this is ‘challenging that hard-earned experience’? Are you simple?

No, I am a business man, with limited time for clowns. You have used your full allotment. Take care.


I think you are right mate, I need to be in the states. My aim isn’t to provide people with stuff they can get already, I want to provide Terpenes that make people say ‘FUCK’ when they smell the vial. And smile when they hit a cart.

Because of the fact that there are large companies making big money selling shitty Terps that dont give the above response when I try them, makes me want to create and provide such a product. The only Terpenes that have REALLY impressed me so far were extremely high grade Hemp Terpenes - so high grade i thought they were canna.

I want my brand to have a whole range of Terpenes like that, at an affordable price point.

I dont want to copy existing products, I dont want to lie to people

And you are illiterate. Clown. Hating on your own brodie