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Hello Future4200 community.

Fide Freight wanted update our services and let everyone know where we stand today.

First, we are a leading logistics provider, not only in hemp, but in all commodities. We work with some very big companies where we ship large quantities of goods and high value cargo. Our intensive research and understanding has given us a unique competitive advantage over our competition. We know how to get the job done and understand what you need based on the type of shipment.

Recently, we have been developing a relationship with a couple of LP’s in Canada, and are now proud to say we have created a more fluid solution to importing compliant biomass into Canada. This has been a long process that we have checked and double checked with not only us, but our partners as well. With these SOP’s & partnerships, Fide is able to offer a superior service to our customers.

We would also like to boast that we have a 100% success rate to this date. None of our shipments have been seized or confiscated by law enforcement. Fide has developed SOP’s and contingent plans to ensure that your cargo will be safe from theft, damage, and uninformed law enforcement. We do this through our communication, paperwork, and routing. It is the behind the scenes work that helps us differentiate ourselves, although most won’t see it. We are fighting to for you, not against you like USPS & UPS.

Finally, if you have reoccurring freight or large projects, then please give us a call. You won’t be obligated to use us, but might be surprised by our professional solutions and approach. We are excited to help everyone through this busy time of the year and hope to see the entire industry thrive as a result.


The Fide Freight Team.

Fide Freight

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Flower to Switzerland is HOT right now. Moving a lot of product there.

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Is that a hot hemp pun?


Thanks for your support. We have been getting a lot of International shipments and lot of that is from Future4200. Thanks everyone!


Fide Freight Team

I’m consolidating samples to the Switzerland to save on cost.

Email Jon@fidefreight.com if you are interested in getting samples out there.