Hemp genetics....seed availability

There doesn’t seem to be anything hemp wise is WA, and id like to source some high cbd hemp genetics…seeds…for cultivation. Its a personal meds thing so I don’t need seed to plant acres worth. Where does a guy look for such seed stock?



No more than 1k

I’m not affiliated with them, but Oregon elite seeds and dcseedexchange have 10 packs of type IIIs. I’ve grown out crosses from MedTree seeds and High Alpine Genetics that could qualify as hemp. Other than them, some hemp companies sell smaller 100-1000 seed breeder packs. I’ve found that a search on Instagram will lead you to a lot of the hemp companies offering seed.

I have a bunch of stuff to forward to anybody who wants it.

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I have some seed I will give you free of charge for your project.

I appreciate the offer. Since this post I have sourced multiple type 2s and a great cannabis CBD producer.

I currently have more genetics on hand than I can grow. If someone else can pop those seeds in a timely manner they would be better off with them. It would be a while before I could get to them.

Feel free to pass my email along. I’m down for the cause my brotha!


I’m feeling left out here. I crossed wife and t1 last year and now have more feminized seed than I could possibly grow. So I would be happy to throw a few to anyone in need.


Hey I’d be willing in trading tonight with you :slight_smile: I’m in Oregon

Cool. I also have baox and cherry blossom bx. The cherry blossom is a .6% thc variety, so I won’t be able to grow it under the 2021 rules anyway.

I just dropped a few of the baox seeds I grew last year. Germination looks to be nearly 100%

I’m alway down for some free beans. Especially from the homies here. Thanks for offering guys.

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