Hemp flower available (First hemp harvest in my state)

We have 12,000 lbs of bucked hemp flowers testing at 8.87% CBD ready to go now. We also have an additional 12,000 lbs that will be ready to go soon. Asking $30/lb. We’re located in Arkansas.

3.38 a point… :grimacing:


Feel free to send a message and shoot me an offer

Are you serious ? Is this a joke ?

$30 for 8% trim. I would honestly price 8% trim at $5-8 a pound and that’s if you even find anyone to run your lower grade yields vs 10%+ trim.

FYI here in nc we are getting $1pp and it’s 17%-20%. I

Where did you read that this is trim? This is not trim. It’s bucked, untrimmed buds.


Oops my bad. Now the price makes more sense :).

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You’re probably looking at $9-$13/lb

It’s just a hard sell in my opinion/experience.
Low cannabinoid content always make for a hard sell, do you by chance have a more focused picture of a handful of flower?

This is what it looks like trimmed https://future4200.com/uploads/default/original/3X/b/0/b00ce70fcebbb849a1cb0972ed6416dd646820e0.MOV

And I do understand it’s a harder sale due to the lower cbd percentages. Most everyone in the state tested pretty low this year. All the farmers had to buy seeds/clones from different states, so we’re working on getting them acclimated and more stable for next year. It’s been a big learning curve for a lot of farmers here, as well.

Looks good emphasized text