Hemp flower and hemp trimming service

We are located in Souther oregon.
Have 24 trim machines in a mobile box truck patented one of a kind with 10 to 20% better flower yield then any machine on the market. Will do about 8 to 14k finished lb a day.
We have 3 20ft shipping containers with 36 trimmers each can do bout 20k. Day be finished this coming week. Most of there life is contracted out but there is some room and can get in line for future production.
We do not sell machine
We will place at drying facilites and offer a rent royalty $$$ and a small royalty for a broker who finds a facility for us to be placed at.
And of course you can upcharge the service to you clients.
Inquire about are flat rate toll proccess
We have tested machine vs every single machine on market and its 10 to 20 % more yield. You actully make $ by paying us to toll for you. Plus you dont have to deal with labor or matainance.
We will place machines in every major state.
Drying facility must properly shuck biomass.
We trim
We weigh
U pay. Or we could work out a split
Drying facility must have enough space to logistically move that much biomass around the machine
Must be facility must be able to suck that much biomass daily
Are machine does not eat the smalls saves everything the size of a BB
Its a batch style basket that does 5ish lb every 5 to 20 minits depending on the trim quality you desire.
We can control the turn speed of the machine giving you a gentle but quality trim job
There is a royality investment option that mighht still be on the table if you put up $ as a depsite for future toll proccessing to get your 20ft container built, be next in line in production, and get a lifetime .50 royality per lb trimmed that comes out of the machine you fund.
We have a full welding shop we make everything in house waterjet and all
We will be pumping these babes out
Lets trim sum hemp boissss

We have lots of flower in stock from last years lowz
To fresh outdoor
To dank AF light dep
To indoor
All compliant
Just got contract for shit tons of CBG
We will have lots of trim for your pre rolls
Can ship country wide
Have product in

Happy Hemplording