Hemp Fiber Biomass Availability & Cost

Does any one have an information on hemp fiber domestically, how much hemp fiber in weight is available & what’s the price per pound/s?

Processed Fiber, raw hurd, or raw bast?

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Hey dirt eagle - Processed fiber available in the south east preferably.

Can get this on the East Coast. Dm details of what you need, volumes, and business info.

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Anyone know what prices are being paid back to the farmer for bast and hurd fiber?

Talk to Roland @rolandfoto45@gmail.com/8053956540


East coast available?

Yes. Like I said talk to Roland. His number & Email add is above for all details

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We have around 1MM lbs if you are interested. We can grind or compress.


Still looking to put this together with a group that can handle what we’re looking for. Time is of the essence & ready to work. 1 million pounds in 2020, 84,000 lbs monthly chipped hemp fiber to 1MM.

What’s the asking price

@harryvan check your dm & Happy New Year.

I am in the southeast and have a ton of unprocessed hemp stalks if you are interested.

Like the location. A ton won’t do it & I need the hemp fiber milled to 1mm. If you can meet the specs & the 1 million pound over the first year @ 84,000 lbs a month we can talk.