Hemp Extraction Equipment For Sale - 200 lbs Per Run

We are selling our custom hemp extraction equipment. Designed to do 200 lbs per run into -60 to -80 degree, winterized crude.

Includes the following:

  • Hammermill - Capable of milling 440 lbs per hour of hemp. Picture of Hammermill and the milled hemp shown below.

  • Extraction Tank - Very large 200 gallon (757 Liter). The tank is jacketed for -80 degrees temperatures. Holds 200 lbs of hemp in micron mesh bags.

  • Filtration Tank - After cannabinoid extraction, quickly filter your solution through this high powered filtration tank.

  • SOP and Training on process to complete 200 lbs of biomass per run.

With this setup, there is very little downtime. There is almost no maintenance. With our approach, you will be able to produce winterized crude oil from your biomass. With multiple shifts, you can extract 2,300 lbs per day.

Inside Extraction Tank, showing mixer

Fog coming from the 200 gallon extraction tank from the -80 degree solution

Biomass After The Hammermill

Located In Boulder, Colorado

Contact Travis

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Dm me the details on your 200 gallon tank please!

This is alice from Nanjing Kingreat Machinery,are you Mr.Jack Sherrie?

For the tank,we can also provide,if you are interested in.


Also, included in the extraction equipment is a -80 chiller and a very powerful pump for solvent circulation. See images below:

Hello, is the Hammermill still available? Pls list asking price?

All of the equipment pictured above is for sale as a package. If you are interested in all the extraction equipment, please PM me.

still have the hammer mill ?

Hey, I have another lab to set up and might be interested in what you have here. What kind of price are you looking for?



We are asking for $175,000 for all of it.