Hemp derived terpenes vs botanical

Hello everyone,

Excited to join this community with my first post! Apologies if this has been asked before, but I’m curious about the difference between hemp-derived terpenes and botanicals in terms of end product quality.

My experience has been mostly with botanical terpenes, which are okay but somewhat artificial-tasting. I can’t find cannabis-derived terps, so I’m wondering if hemp-derived terpenes offer a smoke closer to weed. Or should I stick with botanicals?

Appreciate your insights!


hemp is defined by law as Cannabis Sativa L. having a THC content below 0.3% on a dry weight basis.

Some folks think that means flower up at 35% THCA qualifies as hemp. So you can find some “HDT” that are a whole lot like “weed” (because they are).

lots of folks have also realized that this means they can cross any old cannabis strain with the right hemp, back-cross a couple or 4 times, and have “hemp” that can be grown by the acre and produce “terpenes” essentially indistinguishable from the “cannabis” parent.

…and then there’s HDT that taste like hay, or worse.

I suggest you hit up @PharmExOregon/Fat Dog Terpenes for HDT while you continue your reading here.

I found with botanical terpenes, you have to be careful to avoid “terpene based flavoring”

There’s a lot of sketchy labeling, probably mislabeling as well