Hemp Derived D9 Supplier in texas

Hello! Looking for a hemp derived delta 9 distillate supplier for an established edibles brand in Texas.

D9 distillate is not legal to handle in Texas even if hemp derived so you’d have to have them produced for you out of state. As far as Im aware anyone selling D9 edibles in Texas is simply rebranding white label products brought in from out of state.




Definitely a Fed :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Nice t shirt though

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@Patsykilledtony are federal agents allowed to lead with “definitely not a federal agent,”? Can we just talk about that for a minute? When does law enforcement have to tell the truth?


I feel like this should be discussed in depth. :roll_eyes:

Why discuss it? If you are a police officer or asking for police officer questions this is not a safe space for you.

Im pretty sure we are all in agreement that undercover officers don’t deserve rights as by nature they steal rights from others.


The only time law enforcement has to tell the truth is if they are under penalty of perjury (witness stand /swearing an affada it for a search warrant etc). In my experience these are the ways you get in trouble in order of most likely

  1. Traffic stop
  2. Snitches
  3. Interception of mail (this includes customs with packaging , they will follow packaging to it’s end point
  4. Undercovers- undercovers- are so rare in the marijuana space, I could potentially see it happening on a largerish situation, but it almost never happens in practice. Their manpower is so limited its better to use the previous 3 , saving their manpower for more nefarious crimes which has more bang for your buck(organized crime /fentanyl)

Factors on the rise that will play into the future

-license plate cameras connecting dots nationwide
-ip address and package tracking coordination
-the irs connecting the dots with all available data

  • my working theory that the cia/satanic Kabal created bitcoin to create a speculative frenzy, which leads to the cry for a us digital currency, leading to the eventual elimination of cash

I think this is what you were saying but @Patsykilledtony said it so well.

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