Hemp Crude- $65 per kilo at 1000 kilo minimum-- 64% cannabinoids---1250 kilos available

We are currently offering the remainder of this batch (1250 kilos) at $65 per kilo. Willing to work with brokers but will not pay commission out of this price. We are happy to sell at an inflated price so you can reap the rewards. Doesn’t matter to us how high you want to go!

Send us a message at sales@schaumburgprocessing.com

At least you posted honest coas that show you failed for pesticides and ethanol.


I don’t think 2000 ppm ethanol or 18ppb is failing in any state, or any metric that is defined by anybody but I hear your point. I think.

You’re right I didn’t realize that. I’m sure these will sell immediately

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13.189 ppb = .01389 ppm. The limit for Bifenazate in the state of Colorado is .01 ppm in hemp extract. The distillate from this crude would be well above the legal limit. Also, while the isolate would be clean, the highest concentration of Bifenazate would be found in the ML/filtrate. If your business relies on using this for producing bulk ingredients, you would be in big trouble.

Lol I’ve seen some sketchy results here.

Its 1.5% THC

That’s why they’re not based in Colorado. Duh…

Isn’t most crude hot for d9?

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Yes and no one cares anymore… just how it should be


That’s lower then majority of d8 :joy: and yes it’s a good thing nobody cares


Yea true lmao

But the ppm of some the residuals

Most crude would have solvent residuals

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What about the heavy metals?

And pesticides?