Hemp Checkoff Compliance and Production Software

Built a vertically integrated software package for farmers, processors, labs, transporters, regulators, and LEOs.

What would you pay for an annual company subscription?

Key points:

Unlimited users per company

Growing Area, Lot, and Harvest management for farmers.

License verification for all parties.

Workflow to Generate and submit required compliance reports to state/usda, including requests for pre-harvest testing.

Workflow for analytical labs with sampling and digital test result reporting.

Workflow for processors, handlers, and resellers, including batch and process tracking.

Transfer ticket support to have a one-stop-shop for all relevant paperwork amongst sender, transporter, and recipient. Provides LEOs and regulators with a single trusted location to verify data nationally. (Aka to prevent seized shipments)

FSMA / cGMP Track and Trace data (One Up; One Back). Includes source of supply back to the farm. More detailed track and trace services available for recall and notification support.

Workflows for regulators to audit and manage state/federal programs.

$5k - 10k

I’d think about more of a Salesforce.com model where it’s a per seat monthly/annual commitment discount kind of deal. P

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Metrc already does a lot of that

It does, but even so they want $0.25/plant. Cost gets absurd real quick.

In states where Metrc is the required CTS I could see a 3rd party software that can access the Metrc API to make the experience more palatable could be something people would spend money on. I think there’s a few platforms out there right now, Trym comes to mind