Hemp Biomass Needed

Looking for 100,000+ pounds of biomass. Over 6% and ideally milled, although shucked can work too. Please text me at 727-543-3419, or email TomSCook@aol.com and let me know what you have available. Thanks!


post a POF or beat it broker

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Tom’s been around for a while now buddy.


Don’t care if he invented hemp

The deal and the guy is only as good as the POF and contract that ensures you don’t get stepped over.

Yeah, but why would he have to supply that in his initial post? If you’re interested im sure he can supply you one. You clearly have no business in selling him biomass so why not shut the fuck up about it and sit down little boi?


I actually know a metric fuckton of amish dudes in PA with 40k acres give or take collectively. Prolly have 100k lbs sitting for almost free, they cant give it away and do splits with guys that keep the terps.

I buy and sell the terps.

I’ll sit down anyway big dawg