Hemp adobe/hemp Crete/hemp building blockhemp building supplies

Im going to make a bunch of hemp adobe blocks and dig a cellar. Anyone play around with this idea already?


This is some the coolest shit I’ve ever seen

They making cement like cinder blocks from hemp
And they also can make a lighter weight insulation…also it doesn’t catch fire like it would take fuel to make it burn down check this out tell me what u think


Is this same guy as the OP?

Or completely different company/person who made that?

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I think unrelated I know a few guys were working on this style of product in mIllinois where I went to school



Very impressive, lets see Paul Allen’s hemp block now.

Do you know of what they did after that? Did they ever go big with it?

I want a 3D printed hempcrete house, someday.


That was a great video. Honestly makes me want to look into the cost of it. Has to be a reason it’s not more widely used.

Imagine how much easier construction is when you just build the bulk of the walls like Lego pieces.


Every hemp company should be building there new buildings w this it’s amazing…watch the videos on how fire retardant it is


Sprayed hempcrete is superior to the block systems in my experience. More efficient and easier to work with. You can spray a 2700 sqft house in 8 days, easy. The same equipment to mix the spray hempcrete can also be used to mix hemp-lime plaster.


Is it x ray proof

Nah, you need building-grade hurd for building materials. We’ve tried with spent biomass from most extraction methods but the structure’s broken down too much.

Would it work for insulation…so the Hurd is like the branches chipped up and the stalk?

This insulation is mostly made of bast fiber with a small amount of hurd (the hurd pieces are small but you can sorta pick them out). It’s the best product out there IMO, HempWool by Hempitecture.

I’m gonna keep trying to do building materials with spent biomass, but I like using it for compost.


Have you tried boiling it down for pulp?

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And using way more lime and water make.like a paste it’s kinda the cement part isn’t it

I seen guy make a hemp Crete block that way work much better the tighter u pack it

Not yet, I’d like to though. @Future mentioned wanting to do that awhile back, maybe we should collab and post the results

Yeah, this is hempcrete. You don’t need to pack it too hard, one of the reasons it’s such a good insulator is due to the air pockets between the hurd, the hurd’s pores, etc. This makes it hygroscopic (able to soak up moisture from humidity/etc)

And then below cured hempcrete with a portion covered with lime plaster, which is basically hempcrete but with a much higher % of lime.

Sorry this should probably be made into a new thread…


Don’t tell everyone the secrets just yet :wink:

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Hemp rebar is a thing now, apparently. Anyone making hemp glulams yet?



Lead foil between layers of sprayed hemp Crete. X-ray proof.