Help with short path decisions

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I have done plenty of research here on short paths, wipe film and falling film and I have a couple of questions. I’m liking the look of the lab society 20l full bore however I’m wondering if there in much degredation of cannabinoids while sitting in the 20l for such a long time. I’m currently using a 5l from summit labs but the throughput is horrendous. It’s seems that the short path puts out better quality distillate but is less automated but with the wiped film it’s better throughput but more runs. Right now it seems to make sense for me to have a short path that has good throughput and isn’t 60k . Any help is greatly appreciated.

Speed, reliability, affordability. Pick two.

Want speed and affordability? Look at Chinese WFs. But the other saying applies just as much, “Pay now or pay later.”


Yes a 12 liter short path for production scale are useless read the other posts on here


Did a pesticide remediation consult in a lab this week that runs 3 x @LabSociety 12L. Currently for all passes, but soon only for second pass on material that goes through a large 2 stage stainless Chinese wiper for devol and first pass.

No burnt rubber smell, great throughput, testing at 90% regularly. Ideal? Maybe not. Useless? Far from it.


How are those Chinese wipers working out? I’ve been eying them but.probably not the best entry level Tek for a basement distiller lol

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I’d say it’s pretty good. Grab a cheapo peristaltic pump, ditch the sightglass, setup a nest cam and watch your still run itself from wherever you want.

Easier said than done, but so is any other option.

I don’t actually suggest ghost distilling via nest cam but I do know a guy who does it. Big 5L receiving flask, he leaves for 6 or 7 hours and comes home to 5L of distillate. Checks the webcam every now and then to make sure all is well lol


Lmao. @future hit you with the “known spd hater” tag. ROFL


Is the first stage a short path WFE (condenser inside evap body) or actual WFE/thin film evap (condenser in separate body from evaporator) for the devol? I’ve run short path WFE for devols but have been wondering if a TFE would be more suitable. I’m thinking of ordering one of these soon.

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Told him I was going to do it :joy: