Help with seeding/crashing out!

Hey I am new here, I’ve been extracting with bho for 10 years and I have been making thca diamonds for the last year, but I have run into an issue and I want to see if anyone on here can point me in the right direction. I have 2 runs that have been jarred and sitting at 85-90 degrees for 4 weeks now, seeded both about a week and a half ago because they were not forming. I still have not seen much growth in one, and the other seems to have dissolved the seed crystal. Any advice on how to get these to start dropping out? Or are they too far along? Other 4 jars next to them are doing just fine, no seeding necessary, so I was thinking it could be either from not enough solvent left in the jars, too much heat, variance in strain, or a lack of thca in the strain to drop out… want to get some advice on here to make sure I don’t end up with a big batch of terp sauce if it’s not too late. One strain is cookies and cream, that one kept the seed crystal and started to form smaller crystals around the seed but has now stopped and hasn’t formed any more for 4 days. Second one is Amnesia Haze, that one dissolved the seed crystal inside. I was considering dumping that run into a smaller jar to increase pressure and reseeding, but don’t want to lose any sauce from the transfer so trying to avoid that if possible. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

You probably blew the seal on the jar. It’s tricky.

If it’s still wet (doubtful If sitting around for awhile leaking pressure) just re jar and re seed it.

If it’s gooey dump them back in your collection and run some hydrocarbon over it. Recover to preferred viscosity and jar up and seed.

Watch your lids.


I am gonna guess not high enough THC. It shouldn’t take that long to see growth. You should post pics.

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This jar open it and let some of it degas to change the saturation curve. Then reseal it for another week to see if growth continues. Is there still bunch pressure?
If it doesnt its low thca strain or old and thca has degraded

Next is this material urs or did u buy it somewhere? After it gets to old thca degrades to thc and won’t crystallize. Also is there ton pressure? To much solvent would definitely melt the stone but this is usually seen by water thin liquid and extreme pressure

I’ve seen some strains super high in lemon terps that wouldn’t crystallize for nothing. Wasn’t to old or anything just the Terps % was so high was acting like solvent keeping the thca dissolved (also the thca % was extremely low on this strain)

If u know ur material has no issues…isn’t to old or anything then I’d suggest taking the lid off to let more evaporate.

Tbh without a seed it still should take off. So ur running Into one these issues.

To old material. To low thca vs terps %

Next did u crc or run cold?

There is still some pressure so I think I will try that, however I have burped it a few times over the last month to try to initiate saturation, but not since I seeded it so maybe that will help. I did another run literally from the same bag of material and was able to get it to crystallize without any issue.

I work with some local growers who don’t have the equipment or time, so it is not mine, but I know the conditions and style of grow it came from, it’s all pretty high quality material, all fresh frozen buds within 2 days after harvest. The amnesia haze is an old genetic tho, pretty close to landrace so the thca might not be as high in it. There’s not a lot of solvent in the jar total but there’s also pressure in this one, about the same as the other. It is thin liquid but it’s obvs under 15psi cause it’s not buckling the jar lid, just showing some creases from some pressure buildup inside.

If you think pictures would help I can try to get some in the morning, but I think I’m going to burp them and see what happens over the next few days and put up an update. Might pour the amnesia into a smaller jar if it doesn’t start after that, it was a small run so the jar might be too big for it :man_shrugging:t2:

I did not crc haven’t gotten that setup yet, soon! but I did do a cold run, cold tane, same as all the other runs that are rocking up without even needing a seed. I usually don’t seed unless I don’t see any formation after 1-1.5 weeks.

Had this problem with some grape ape too recently, but I wrote it off as the strain being low in thca. Also that was a small run. Which might also be part of the issue with the amnesia. The cookies and cream wasn’t small tho so that doesn’t explain that.

Pull the jars out the oven and leave out on the table over night

See if dropping the solubility of the terpenes will help. When they cool they should hold less dissolved thca

If ur other jars did fine out of same bag . I’d take the lid off. Let just about all degas. Then put it back on. Might drop the temp some also. But then some ppl would say raise the temp like hot jar tek

But if u had to much solvent if can screw everything up.
I’ve noticed if I prefreeze my material and gas w dry ice I can get sugar everytime by letting ALL THE SOLVETN DEGAS then placing the lid back on for day or so. It should crash over night sugar if its gonna then

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I’m a little worried about letting the solvent degas since my initial thought was these two jars lost too much during the initial capping and burping, but I suppose I could just do what @anon16547145 said and re-saturate it if they lose too much…
I think I’m going to try just taking them off the heat and burping them today to see if they form any more first.
I also might try pouring the amnesia into a smaller jar tomorrow, since it’s still fairly viscous, and recap and reseed it. If that does not work I can try degassing it with the other one in a few days, but I would rather not have to reblast tane into them and restart the process if possible, I do have clients waiting for these to be finished.

Would adding more seed crystals to the jars help initiate it or no?

Also was wondering if freezing them would do anything at this point?

Waiting to see if there’s any more suggestions on here before I go ahead with degassing, since that’s a 50/50 chance of having to re-saturate with solvent.

Hoping to figure this out so if anyone runs into the same problem down the road they know what to do, or can figure out how to avoid it. Thanks for all the info so far!

If u blast cold. And have plenty thca. Material fresher

U don’t need any solvent to make the live resin, large sugar diamonds look

Solvent just slows the reaction down making larger pieces

The terpenes will act as solvent allowing the thca to fall out when ur extract is pure and clean.

Hence blasting dry ice cold w proper filters

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I blasted cold with fresh material, that’s definitely not the issue here, but my filtration could be better.
I understand that the terpenes work as a secondary solvent to extract the thca from the sauce, I was just under the impression that it needed some pressure from the off-gassing butane collecting at the top of the jar above the sauce to create the diamonds. So you’re saying that the thca should fall out of the sauce without any pressure?

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The terpenes will create a mild pressure on their own . But to answer your question no pressure is needed to form diamonds . With a really pure properly saturated solution you don’t even need a lid on your jar . I have made diamonds without the lid plenty of times even on accident. Think people make diamonds with rosin even by putting solvent free oil in a jar rapidly heating it for short time to melt it then low heat for a couple days to weeks . Just like the hot jar tek


what temp?? just wondering… thank you… i dont want to leave the lid off at and let all my solvent evap, at room temp are you keeping it cold…?