Help with RSO please

Have never made RSO before today. Have a friend with cancer I wanted to make it for. Used an Indica strain. I’m currently evaporating the ethanol using a rice cooker. Can anyone why at the bottom of the jar what looks like light colored cannabudder is piling up?

Mother liquor correct? That would be resin/fats/lipids. Gotta refine the solvent out & filter your ppm before hand. Otherwise looks to have good saturation.


Second thought how is this being stored?

I used culinary solvent 190 proof ethanol. Is there a way to salvage this batch? I did filter with cheese cloth like a video I watched said. But should I have used a coffee filter after?

Thanks so much.

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I’m literally still in the process right now it’s in the rice cooker in a jar to burn off the solvent

Cold to cold extraction or warm?

kinda hard to tell from the picture, but whatever it is looks like fine particulate matter

how did you filter the extract?


I put the ethanol in the freezer for an hour then I poured it into the cannabis and stirred for about 2-5 minutes then filtered through a cheesecloth

Hi thank you for your response. I only used a cheese cloth after stirring cold ethanol in the cannabis for about 2-5 minutes then filter through a cheese cloth (like a video I watched showed)

Yeah that’s just larger particle, resin, you could technically do a transfer of liquid as is before all solvent is purged to pull the top layer for strictly mother liquor extract, & have that bottom resinous layer to decarb & use for other applications

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Thank you!!


id pull it out of the cooker, let it cool down a bit, and filter it with a coffee filter.
if the solution has thickened up, add more alcohol before filtering.

ideally you should do a vacuum assisted filtration in a buchner, but if not available, take a mason jar, put a coffee filter in the top, and slowly pour the solution in and gravity filter it.

let it cool down first!!


Thank you! I have a Büchner funnel . I don’t have a way to vacuum assist at the moment could I potentially just do gravity with that ? And still let it cool first?

Cold gravity filter will work fine but take a longer time frame, cleaner in the end. Vac assist is more optimal but work with whatcha got.


Do I still need to let it cool? Thank you !

Yes that would be ideal.

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Maybe put it in the freezer?

it would take a while without a vacuum source, but that would probably work, give it a shot.

if the solution is still mostly ethanol and thin enough to be filtered well, go right ahead, just be safe about it, proper ventilation etc etc


Thank you so much for the help :pray:t3: Should I cap the jar and put it in the freezer to get it cold before filtration ?


id be very cautious caping jars with warm solvents, thats a great way to pop them lol.

id just let it cool down to room temp naturally on the window sill, cap off, add a little more solvent and then filter