Help with purging sauce

How would I purge this still has a butane smell


spread it out thin on ptfe paper or parchment paper if no choice.

place in vac chamber or vac oven and pull vacuum on it. hold at -20to-25 and about 70-80f for day or so

btw whats butane smell like u mean it smells like fuel?


Pyrex dish would be infinitely better than parchment paper


was more of if you had no choice but definitely pyrex,glass or ptfe paper


Thank you for the fast response :pray::muscle::muscle:
Hitting the shop 1st thing tomorrow and what about the diamonds under would I repeat the same process as I would with the sauce ?

Butane is odorless


Still has a pretty distinct smell


I was thinking the same thing… but then I was in a facility recently where it definitely had a very distinct smell (not like fuel) which made me think that they mixed it with treated propane or something. And I’ve definitely been to places that had so much around that you could get this like rotten egg smell, and doing a little more thinking on this it looks like that some cheaper butane does have sulfur in it.

So who knows. I use pyrex dishes still. But man now I want to try this teflon paper! <3 Learning stuff every single day on here.

Love it!

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is it gas or gas terps your smelling


Yeah, cannabis produces a number of things that smell like sulfur and natural gas. Best answer here realistically is to just get a sample run for residual solvent rather than going off your nose. I don’t think that’d tell you a whole lot unless your gas contained odorants.

In cases where there’s still a very significant amount of butane some people who are more sensitive to solvents will start to get a headache if they smell it too closely. This is obviously not a reliable way to see if it’s safe but it can at least give you an idea of when it is definitely not safe. This post does not condone of huffing solvents.


It’s all about the paper!!!
Fuck yo glass and yo couch!


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When it reads “odorless” on N-butane, isobutane or propane it simply means an odor was not added to it as is with propane for your home. All three of those “oderless” most definitely have an odor of their own


Butane absolutely has a subtle odor.

That said, our sensory threshold is shit, so if he means that you are unlikely to “smell” that a product is unpurged, he’s correct. You’re not smelling 300 or 2000 PPM.

But solvent in a dish? I dare anyone to tell me distilled butane doesn’t have a its own distinctive, subtle odor.


Is this crc?