Help with lemonade/ soda thc distillate drink

Looking to making my mother a big batch of distillate lemonade or some kind of refreshing drink since she can no longer smoke or eat easily with her new illness.

If anyone has any easy recipe for a lemonade or something lightly carbonated and what ingredients or emulsifiers I need to make a stable decent shelf life drink would greatly appreciate it. Will pay some one for their time. Thanks

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cutting your distillate with MCT and dosing that way is the simplest solution imo.

if you do a 10:1 cut, you’re looking at about 100mg/ml, which depending on what mom needs may be just the ticket. a 1:1 cut will also work, and deliver closer to 500mg/ml.

or dive into this rabbit hole


So would I be giving her this as a mct shot? Hoping to make a big drink like a 12oz lemonaide with 200-300mg in the full drink without it being oily or sticking to container just mixed up in a drink she can open a month from now and it still be mixed and tastey. She hates the taste of weed lol. I will get int hat rabbit hole right now thank you so much!

Yes. Or in capsules if she doesn’t like the taste. One big soda with a weeks worth of meds is asking for trouble imo.

1ml from a dropper, straight into the mouth. Simple and effective.

There are certainly other approaches.

I prefer not to have to drink 16oz of other stuff to get my cannabinoids…I will however dose my coffee on occasion (MCT works ok here).


I agree with you on that, but she loves drinks lol like in general. This is also a healthier alternative to her soda and drink habit. She wants something large size she can sip on all day (100mg or so a day currently she eats in gummies to help)

i saw some stuff about vitamin c and shearing the mixture? Ever tried or heard of someone doing that?

I would just make the tincture. Anything tasty like that with thc for a soda lover is asking for trouble. It won’t really be healthier than soda just because you put weed in it anyway. Also, 300 mg is enough to put some people into a near psychotic episode or a 24 hr sleep or both. You can get all the equipment you need to make tincture for about $100 and it has virtually no taste. Mayyyyyybe a hint of floral. Just be sure to math correctly. It’s easy as fuckkkkkk to do. It’s cheap. It’s easy to measure your dosage. It’s more bio available. It’s the way I take my meds everyday.

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How will you keep the disty/mct from seperating from the lemonade? That’s the main issue.

Like @cyclopath mentioned, mct/disty caps is the best option. Have her chase the caps down with the lemonade.

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I think a lot of us may like to know how to make true water soluble broad spectrum oil/disty if possible without introduction of a surfactant regardless of the possible repercussions. I personally will appropriately label, educate and have a waiver/disclaimer signed when such a product is available at a “private event”. These happen often at my house in Ashland OR. I will personally consume 1500mg of high T broad spec within many a day.

Prolly not for everybody:)

I remain high functioning. Just a lot funnier. At least to myself😎

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yeah my mom can handle a fair amount from taking it so often. 100mg wont phase her so a 300mg drink to sip on all day isnt crazy for her