Help with kozyvacu pump


Hey guys. For a while now I’ve had a small pump that’s been giving me problems. It has problems starting up sometimes, other times it will work fine. It seems to try and power on, and shuts itself off. But again, other times it works. Any suggestion? I included a short video. Sometimes it’ll just keep revving like you hear, sometimes it’s just one and done.


You ever tried changing the oil and conditioning the parts on the inside?

Worth shot if u havent


Yes to the oil, no to the insides. Although just now It started working again. It seems when I take it out of the lab, and plug it into a new plug, it will work more reliably, but at the same time sometimes doesn’t work at all even on a new circuit. But yeah, it seems to be very finicky :confused: it kept revving and shutting off like the photo, and how it works just fine. Hmm. Perhaps tomorow when I’m done running I’ll open her up and clean her