Help with diagnosis... Botrytis / (non powdery) Mildew?

Any help here would be much appreciated… not really sure what I’m dealing with.

Botrytis is bud rot, and it isn’t pm.

I bought some hemp clones one time that gave me russet mites. I had never seen them before. They were so small I thought they were a fungus. And they liked the new growth tips like that.

Here is a pic I found of my russet mites. They get a little easier to see in an advanced case. Broad mites are the other mite that is hard to see.


Get a 60-100x scope. Russet/Broad mites are the devil and took us 4-5 months with a solid IPM program to beat them back. It’s why clone dunks and quarantining new clones are best practices.


Wow it’s crazy you can see them with the naked eye that is advanced!! How’d you lick em @Autumn_Ridge_Hemp? How bout u @AgTonik what did your facility do to rid it of the dreaded borg?

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I’ve had russets and haven’t seen this type of browning before. Have you guys?

I’m aware botrytis is generally see on buds, but it consists of many species and can affect all parts of the plant.

Same with mildew. It’s a class of fungi… thus could be a non powdery type.

Thanks for the responses!

Russets do whatever the fuck they want cus they trigger all kinds of response from the plant. Totally shit can it’s immune system and make it prone to a fuck ton of collateral issues quick. They often get misdiagnosed cus nobody scopes and just assumes it’s something else till it’s too late. Ime pm can be a huge indicator of russets or broads because the plant uses it as an indicator to show our dumb asses it’s weak and needs help, investigate she’s saying to you so, investigate @natesaysdoless get ur scope out and look for a straight hour. Check the dirt too…


The outdoor plant from which those clones came was fine. I made probably 20k fem seeds off that one baox. Russets don’t thrive outdoors in my environment, I credit biodiversity. If you have enough bugs, no one bug takes over. The indoor clones were all toast, but the mites did not spread to any other plants.


Thanks for sharing. Most my experience is dealing with the buggers in clients sealed room environments I’ve consulted on. I don’t make it outside to much.

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They fed M/W/F, foliar every T/Th. They rotated Green Cleaner, pyrethrins, neem oil, aromatic oils like thyme/rosemary, you name it. Implemented quarantine and scoping stuff going into the cloners to not re-introduce problems. Dunking clones once rooted. Always spraying after deleafing. They scrubbed every solid surface of the rooms while resetting. There were more things, but that’s what I remember.


Thanks for the input @AgTonik. Do u still use the seek bamboo vinegar too? I swear its magic stuff… especially mixed with a lil agt50

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As a foliar, it keeps things clean and the leaves look healthy. I must have overdone it as a drench, because it gave me brittle stems. I may give it another try and dial it back a little bit or use it in case of pythium with organic soil.

I can attest to the brittle thing with the drench i think. I still use it as preventative drench… interesting what dose do u do? I use like 1-2ml a gallon drench. Foliar I’m upto like 15ml g no issues

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I think I did up to 5ml/gal as a drench. I’m going to save it for any root problems. It may also make an interesting flush with the organic acids and HULIS (humic like substances) from lignin being broken down.

Regardless, it didn’t hurt yields and was very beneficial as a foliar.

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