HELP with CBD Dab Wax

I work in an R&D department and have a request for some CBD dab wax. I have access to (almost) every form of CBD that you can think of. I have Ethanol and Co2 extracted oil, winterized and non winterized crude, decarbed and non decarbed bud, distillate, isolate, etc. I am trying to find the BEST raw material to start with and any tips/tricks that may be helpful to a noob.


Melt 950ml CBD iso, add 50ml Terps, homogenize.
Pour into parchment lined Pyrex?
anybody correct me if I’m off with this

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thats similar to what we have done for customer requests. Its not really your typical dab consistency but it will crystallize and be a flaky light yellow sheet, thickness depends on how thick you spread it out. 5-7% terps is usually a good starting point.


They specifically want a “wax consistency”.

I have a product very similar to this. I think they want more of a “Budder” or crumble. I’m just unsure what kind of CBD raw material to start with in a vacuum/oven.

No butane extracted cbd-a ?

No, we can’t have butane here.

I have unactivated Oil.

I use winterized fats and waxes
Crc them then disolve in methanol some won t these I filter out clean to bright white and add these to melted cbd issolate at 15-20 % with terps at 8 % heating this to 70 c
(65C beeing the melting point of the retrieved wax ) then whip while cooling down the wax will solidify before crystelization kicks in giving a wax like texture


Thank you!!

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I have some activated carbon for color remediation but no CRC. Do you think that would work?

Dissolving your fats in an alkane for cleaning yes yust make sure your winterization fats are free of alcohols for that makes it less effective

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Budder consistency, whip it and add more Terps?