Help with a used ethanol extractor?

Hello! I’m new to this forum but was told this was the place to go for help:)

I’m looking for a 15 cup series or similar and have a budget of about $50k. Any good used ones out there? Where do I look? Thanks all!


The classifieds?


You might also consider some of the less expensive options if budget is tight or regulations lax

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We have similar with cup-15,price is more economic,contact
See below picture

I think you should buy used, but you will need to know the equipment well enough to understand if it works properly. Do you have an onsite chemist / lab tech or are you operating the equipment yourself?

There are some very knowledgable people on this forum, but you should read the thread on here to get up to speed and so you don’t get trolled. lol.

I think you will find a good deal here.

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still looking?

Email sent

ok,i will reply by email

have reply you,pls kindly check your email

Apparently you should look in FL…