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Hello, I have never had anything like this, growing outdoors in a country with a semi tropical climate, maybe a swampy climate, something like this has started to appear … could you help me ?? average temperature 22 -32 ° C humidity 80% being the wettest and coolest night, the greenhouse has special ventilation.

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Looks overwatered, and possibly spider mites, broad or russets.


we need the rest of the pictures to have any hope of helping.

try again, and wait till the images have finished uploading…

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what size pots are those? they look pretty small for that sized plant. I run at least 25 gal for plants that size. What’s your feeding regimen look like? Looks to be deficient in something


Cal mag?.. But don’t forget to check under the leaves for mites bc they weak they would love it

Repot for sure way to small

Get yourself a cheap microscope for your camera, it’s impossible to tell from those pictures, but I definitely see damage that could be indicative of broad mites or russet mites.

Spider mites are pretty easy to see. Many can spot them without magnification. 30x will make it very obvious. They hang out on the undersides of the leaves, and lay their eggs there. At high loads, you’ll see webbing (like spiders) on your plants.

Russets or broad mites are waaay harder to spot. They like to head for the growing tips (meristems), and you have to dig and use high magnification (100x) to spot them.

Broad mite cause damage at much lower infestation levels than russets.

Russets look like Jabba the Hutt…and it is terrifying to see how fast they climb to the top of a stem.

can’t get the video I took during my last battle to load…

Both Russet mites and Broad mites are often confused for nutritional deficits…so you might be in luck and just have a feeding problem


Heres the run down I post for help on cannabis grow forums. Please fill out completely

Room temp
Room rh
Pot size
PH of water (bubbled, tap, ro, well)
Feed/h20 schedule
Ppm of nutes

Also looks like you have lock-out going on.


i do not see any spots on the leafs. so thats good.
pots are to small for that size plant without heavy feeding.
the smaller plants also look under fed. also could be a ph
problem with your soil. a lot of crap soil out there.
feed them heavy should pop out of it.
cheers Lrus007

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