Help on vacuum.pump for rotovap

Hi guys im running a 2l chinese rotovape. Im.working it whit etoh.

I need help.on chosing a good and safe vacuum.pump whitout over killing it.

I use to have a recirculating water pump from china but that gear absolutly suck.
Im not sure about what vacuum to buy for my rotovap.
There is a few option that i have and would need advise .

Rocker 300 about 600

Felisa FE-1500 about 1100 new but can find one for about 500

Or i have acces to use one like thèse

Gast DOA-p101 aa

Thomas 107ce20 906

Im in mexico and finding good gears is way harder then in the us or canada.

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Works well for me. I have this specific model.

Gast isn’t bad neither are Welch wobI

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Nice i didnt know about that ptfe coated one. Look pretty decent.Do You only use it whit the regulator on the moisture trap, or you got a vacuum regulator?

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Yes, I regulate the vacuum with the built in one on the moisture trap.