Help! Need 1000 mL Receiving Flask for Lanphan Wiped-film Distillation Unit

I’m needing to order a couple of receiving flasks for our Lanphan wiped-film unit. Lanphan won’t respond when we’ve asked for a quote. Ball and joint socket, outer diameter is 36.04 mm, inner diameter is 20.33 mm.

I purchased a 35/20 from Millipore Sigma but it’s slightly too small. Can anyone point us in the right direction?!


Can you use a slightly smaller o ring?

I would take it to a welder and have them replace the joint- those ball joints are crap from my experience- replace them with a nw25 flange



Can you chime in here to help our friend?

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Lab first has the same joints email them

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Thanks for the advice! We ended up having our welder remove the existing joint and replaced it with a KF-25. Now we are using a KF-25 to 24/40 adapter with a normal 24/40 flask! Works like a charm and we don’t have to beg Lanphan for their “proprietary” collection flask that they wouldn’t sell to us. Thanks again!


This makes me want to get a sleeved condenser made that mimics the original re-501 design for my rotovap to replace the stock condenser.

Yeah lanphan is a 50/50 company.

… Hmmm still conflicted on modding my roto because I still wanna build a ffe and idek if modding the roto would even be worth it tbh.

Ayyyy you’re welcome! I’m glad to see it worked out for ya.

What do you mean by sleeved condenser?

I can probably draw up what I mean later on. But instead of a tube in shell kind of jacketed dephlegmator a sleeved dephlegmator for dry ice and maybe some way have it so that the vacuum set up is under it. But right after I made the last post I was like shit man I would most likely end up making a falling film coming off my rotovap.

A falling film is the way to go.

images (8)~2

A making a stainless one of these condensers but with a sleeve is what I meant.

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How do you feel about getting an internal cooling coil that’s made for whatever size column you intend to use? Special modded cap, vacuum out the jacket on the spool for better insulation. You can choose to have the coil go all the way through, or down and back.

Damn that’s a good idea. I was thinking about getting one of these things and switch out the one that’s currently on my rotovap and then get a 24/40 to triclamp, an elbow, the sleeved dephlegmator and a bi-di flow adaptor.crude

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@SidViscous did that with his condenser on his 50L Roto. Maybe check it out again, it was in this thread: Optimizing your RotoVap - Hash and Stuff / Solvent Recovery - Future4200

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