Help for membrane filter

I used a 0.22u membrane filter, inserted in a 60ml syringe, the content is in 1: 1 ratio of rosin and ejmix, the problem I have is that the filter gets clogged and can’t filter. What can I do?AC_SY400

What we’re you hoping to accomplish with this?

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I was hoping to be able to filter the waxes, but apparently it doesn’t, I had seen it done in a video, but it’s not working for me

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What homemade method can I use to be able to separate the waxes?

dilute your rosin in ethanol and push it through that filter… also .22 is really tiny could use larger

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So the content of my syringe is 40ml and precisely 20ml of rosin and 20ml of ejmix, can I use 96% alcohol, even if the compound already contains ejmix? If yes, how much alcohol should I add? Then can the alcohol evaporate?

Seems like you could increase the ratio of solvent:oil to help the filtering. Try 10:1 and see if it works, then work your way back down based on new knowledge. Did the video you’re following specify a 1:1?

1 before going through a membrane you must filter down to 20 microns.
2 you need solvent to push it though


The liquid is composed of rosin and ejmix, is the addition of alcohol to this liquid possible or can I make a mess?

Whats ejmix?

Is that membrane ethanol compatable?

As long as ethanol wont damage the membrane you should be able to run it through

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Ignore my post. I’m dyslexic as all hell tonight.

Ejmix è il liquidatore


Any suggestions

If I’m somehow advertising I apologize.

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dissolve your extract in alcohol, freeze it, filter it, evaporate the alcohol, mix your ejmix in and fill your cart

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My liquid is not only rosin, the liquid is already mixed, resin + ejmix, so I doubt whether to add alcohol to the resin mix and liquidator

Hello Rosin, We have many years experience in filtration. What is likely happening here is your are trying to put a product with too high of a particulate percentage through too small of a micron filter (0.2um, bacteria level filtration) with not enough filtration area. So basically it plugged immediately. We carry those same type of syringe filters and we can supply them with much larger micron sized media. So the idea here would be to filter a few times, each time stepping down the micron rating so that you will have a evening out of the dirt removal. The alternative is using far more filtration area. The downs side to that is you are likely trying to filter a small sample which does not lend itself to more filtration area. Call or email me and we can guide you in in the right direction to make what your trying to do work. Thanks, Greg 310-212-7777

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Ok, I wrote you an email and a pm.

Don’t add polyethylene glycol to rosin

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Tell me why?

It makes formaldehyde when you vape it ?:man_shrugging: