Help! Distillate crystallizing?

So, I have been operating a 5L SP for about 11 months doing mainly ethanol extractions. I have been able to refine my SOP to make an amazing product (CAT2 and 92%+ on first pass) but I recently upgraded to a 20L and ripped through all my crude so I tried a buddies BHO crude and it appears to be almost crystallizing in my collection flask…? Is it just remaining fats in the product?

got any pics? the fats will look cloudy.

this is thc correct? If it is clear when heated, then clouds as it cools it is most likely waxes. Try winterizing a small amount of the distillate.If waxes are preciptiating you will need to winterize the entire batch. Did you winterize this prior to distillation?

Correct thc. I’m aware of the cbd crystallizing. But my buddy said he dreaded in his column. I’m thinking it wasn’t done efficiently. I’ll do a dewax and run it again.

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you need to dewax bho crude, no matter how good it was done. You can limit the amount of waxes extracted, although butanes polarity will always dissolve some. This is why etoh is used to winterize, its just really good at being selective when cold.


Good to know for future runs, I appreciate the reply! Also good to know I’m not the only one who never sleeps haha