Help cleaning this up

Hi everyone I was wondering if I could get some input here.

I ran some material recently and it turned out terrible. Full of wax, dark and wak smell.
Used a cls and kept all as cold as.

The material was all trim. But well cut trim, too fine for my liking. All stored in brown bags and in the freezer.

I then winterized it multiple times. See pic

Even with that I still am left with a dark blob.

So I was thinking of doing a carbon Scrub, but that can lead to THC loss if I’m not mistaken.

I don’t have the right gear to do Crc but would I be able to dissolve in butane and then filter over a bed of celite to get it a bit more presentable?

I’ve never had this happen before. I’m no big time extractor but I’ve run enough to have my method dialled in.

The guy wanted like sauce, so that’s what I was trying to get at.

Any advise for this beginner would be greatly appreciated

If you can filter over a bed of celite I bet you can do a modified crc. If you can redissolve it in butane, toss some b-80 in with your oil and tane then Filter over the bed of celite.

You can talk to @Curious_Roberto about ordering a small bag.

I’m not sure why it would come out so black, is this from a trim machine? I know processing trim with that clear cut made for twister trimmers will leave lots of extra stuff in the trim.


If I use a water asperator and a cold cold cold Buchner funnel with a bed of celite on top of a couple filter papers, will that do? And I’ll add some b-80 if I can get some. I’m in South Africa, so not as accessible all the time

I don’t have N2 or a sintered disk,
to try Crc. That is my next level up.

Nope not machine trim, this guy just trimmed real good. Wet trim.

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Might be easier using pentane instead of butane.
I’d mix in a little bit of charcoal, silica, and a bunch of b80. Stir for a while. Chill, then try running over that cold buchner.

Your terps will still be fine with the pentane, and the color remediation will likely be good. I’d run almost 2:1 oleo to b80. With maybe 3% charcoal and 3% silica.


I don’t use a sintered disc at all in my crc. I use several filter plates with staged micron filter paper. Works like a dream. The Büchner funnel will work, just in a way I can’t really speak to. I’d check the indo fabs crc thread, some people use Büchner funnels I’m just not familiar with it enough to speak to it.

Can you ship to Africa?

Thanks for the tag @FicklePickle!

I definitely still have some b80, if you want some, just dm me and we can get it to you asap.

One thing, if you’re gonna use alcohol to redissolve the extract to run through the buchner funnel, from what I’ve read b80 doesn’t work nearly as well. But if you’re redissolving in pentane or butane, it should work fine.


I’ll ship wherever I can, it may take some research, and the shipping costs will probably be a little more. But I’ll try to ship wherever! It’s all about helping the community out!


Its likely you have a lot of very very tiny particles of celite contaminating your extract.

How do you go about setting your celite filter bed in the buchner?

Sorry I wrote up a whole explanation but the site wouldn’t load it.

I made a slurry and pulled vac on it for 10min. It was poured on top of a filter paper then I put another filter paper ontop of the slurry for when I poured the AC/C545 mixed into the crude which was dissolved 5:1 in etho

What micron are your filter papers? And did you aquire your celite from a source that can verify it was produced to exacting standards like Sigma/Millipore?

What you can try to do is re dissolve the extract and add a small amount of bentonite to the solution and allow it to sit for a while. If there are any particles making it through your filter bed the bentonite will cause the particles to aggregate into larger masses of particles. The concept is referred to as flocculation.


I think where youbwent wrong is by mixing the activated carbon along with your celite. They have different functions. Celite is a filter aid and should be the lowest powder in the stack because its purpose is to catch the other small particles from the other powders.

The last pic u posted looks like activated carbon is contaminating the crude.

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Yea I got them from lab supply stores here.

Regarding the pictures.
The picture with the 2 labeled jars is after the filtration.
The other 2 pictures are what it looked like when dissolved in etho before adding the AC and Celite.

Are you opposed to using hydrocarbons?

Not at all.

It was extracted with butane.

Why not incorporate a pass thru silica gel with your crude dissolved in heptane?

That would allow you to utilize your current equipment and not have to buy anything other than solvent. It would also remove a significant amount of the pigment compounds that give crude its spectrum of color.

Ill get some heptane and silica and give it a try next time. but this was a freak run, ive never gotten such bad results.

I am looking to put a C545 filter stack inline in my CLS. hopefully do a good scrub from inital extraction.
Or should I rather use Bentonite?

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Celite doesnt scrub the solution in the same way as the bleaching clays, carbon, silica, magsil, or polymeric adsorbents. Celite is just for physical filtration of solid particles. I like to put down a layer of sand on top of the first filter paper and then just add bentonite on top of that.

I got my celite from sigma and its honestly been a pain in the ass trying to keep celite out of my finished product when its the first powder to touch the filter paper. Such a pain in the ass that i dont even use it in my stack anymore.

Bentonite seems to do a good enough job of filtering out the fine particles if you make a proper slurry to set your filter cake.

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Ahh ok, so then ill rather try get some bentonite and some silica.

I only have a 1.5" column. so my filter stacks are very small. Keeping it simple which 2 solutions would you put into small filter stacks? I’ll put 2 x 1.5 stacks inline under my material column, but what do I put into either?

The one thing I’m worried about is if there will be enough pressure to push it right through. I don’t have N2 at the moment. But I do have a spare empty tank.