Hello terpenes review

Nvm. I’m not as confident as I was

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How are they collecting excess cannabis “terpenes” for sale? (Even tho that’s not a word I would use when discussing Cannabis aromas, since Cannabis does not smell terpeney whatsoever.)

Catching them in a carbon trap? A big funnel nose over the outdoor grow? There’s no way they are separating volatiles from harvested/extracted cannabis. Any time someone claims they’ve removed “terpenes” from cannabis I have to ask why, when there was a shortage… Why the rest of the resin isn’t with the extraction. My favorite is when local extractors claim to extract terpenes from certain growers that you’re familiar with, who have chemical scented bud with no cannabis flavor to speak of. How you extracting an oddly bitter lemon flavor from weed that smells like Odor Eaters shoe spray? When there are orchards across town with piles of lemon peels?..

Sorry but you weren’t happy before. All the evidence I need. I’m saying these are still not cannabis derived but concoctions containing ketone, carboxylics, thiols, methyl esters, sugars etc. Much better fakes than the laughable essential oil terp suppliers.

Maybe what makes CDTs/HDTs so special is the extra goodies captured

Idk anymore.

It’s about the entourage… And I’m sure it’s not b/c of extra goodies captured…because when you say “CDT/HDT” the reader understands that as pure…or 100% CDT / hdt.

No “extra goodies”.

Extra goodies more of a fuller spectrum yes? Getting into HTE world with other noids present.
:thinking: Although I have had many HDT that def had other noids present…thicker consistency

I know this from experience.

100% pure CDT
Thca diamonds

No other ingredients…the buzz is very strong. Quenches your thirst…satisfied like dabbing.
I think just as good as freeze dried sho carts. Half the ticket.

They are legitimate CDT if you’ve shopped around and actually tested the product you make, you would know. Only viable option that isn’t already integrated into a licensed company IMO.


They have several sources. Their most established is a distillation of co2 extracted concentrate. Their newest line up is a distillation of hydrocarbon extracts.


Idk anymore

lol that’s a whole lot of nonsense for someone who can’t even fathom the idea of extracting terps and cannabinoids separate

spoiler alert you can extract both. sell one as diamonds or distillate then terps separate

diamonds if you extract with hydrocarbon and crash out

disty if you just cranking out crude and want to pull the terps off with vac

nothing to do with any shortage (what shortage btw? lolwut)

how is it any different than someone extracting to make shatter or live resin ?

you just separate the terps from the thc with a vacuum pump and a lot of chillin

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