Heat Transfer Fluid Water Contamination

I am experiencing a lot of water pickup in my heat transfer fluid causing ice buildup and reduced cooling capacity. A nitrogen blanket helps, but isn’t solving the problem.

Does anyone have any experience utilizing desiccants in chillers or have a low temperature heat transfer fluid that they are happy with?

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Is it a sealed system under pressure?

Or is it vented? You can always add a desiccant vent if it’s not a sealed system.

Either way you need to remove all the moisture and it’s pretty easy to do with the right plumbing.

On my low temp chillers I had to add a filter that I can bypass the flow through to catch the ice that will form during the first start after opening the system to atmosphere for any period of time.

I will run my chiller through the bypass past a 20 micron filter for a few hours at -10c to capture all the ice. After that I pull out the filter and smack the filter on the ground and you’ll see how much ice was in the system.

This picture is in bypass.

This is back to standard operation.


Huber has a setting to boil the moisture out of the system

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Lauda units have that setting as well. It’s just essentially a boil off program.

@thesk8nmidget that’s an awesome method

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