Heat transfer fluid for hot condenser tek?

Dynalene PG-XT seems like it will work for this application and is cheap enough. Thoughts? Anyone else use this? Other recommendations?

Will be using with a Polyscience AD7LR-20 heater/chiller circulator

I use thermoltek HTF

Edit: switched to dynalene HC-50 it works just as well.

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Duratherm S. Its probably cheaper and works great been using it in rotos and hot condensers for yrs with almost no degradation

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I think your supposed to use silicone oil that’s what my polyscience manual says for high temp

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Yea found Duratherm S for cheaper so will go with that.

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How cheep can u share a link I actually need sum to lol

IDK if it’s actually cheap at all.

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O ya I saw tht lol what can ya do

Let me see what my buddy charges at his store for the duratherm s

I used polytherm from polysci but it became too viscous at lower temps (10c) and wouldnt pump through my Huber. It worked great at 190-200 but not so good cold so keep that in mind

Depending on how hardcore you want to get… Dowtherm T-66 is one of the most stable heat transfer fluids on the market and is rated for temps well in excess of anything we’d use in our industry.