[Heat+Pressure]-Only Solventless THCa Crystallization Possible ?

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I’m a new comer to F2400 this place is AMAZING ! … here goes a couple months of my life … down this rabbit-hole I go :smiley:

I should preface this by saying I have a very limited background in Chemistry, and overall a n00b.

So my question is : so theoretically speaking, for a solventless THCa isolation to be possible , Starting with a few grams of rosin, the THCa, Other Cannabinoids, Terps, Waxes, Lipids, Fats that are contained in rosin all have different melting temperature points (Correct me if I’m wrong), So would it possible to put rosin in a 20 or 25 Microns stainless steel mesh, heat it just enough for the wax to melt (say 25-30 degress Celcius)(Assuming waxes,Lipids,Fats, Terps melt at lower temp points than THCa) then apply enough pressure so that wax melted escapes the mesh into parchment paper, then repeat same procedure for Lipds , fats, terps etc… increasing the temperature by 10 degrees or so each time till all is left inside the 20 micron mesh is THCa crystals ? (assuming THCa/other cannabinoids have the highest melting point out of all the molecules present in rosin or BHO, which my limited research has led me to believe).
Where is my hypothesis going wrong ? Where is my logic chain falling apart ?.
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Have you seen this?


I haven’t until now !!! OMG ! Thanks !


Lol I love how the next video that que’d up is “how to press rosin with a hair straightener” :joy::joy::man_facepalming:t3:

From epic to fail in 60 seconds


This Powers Plates method is a bit more SOP worthy/ result orientated: Blue river flan - #37 by Schlegbean

Check the insta link on that post! Steve from Powers Plates is the man, anyways I’m doing plenty of research on possibly organically crashing CBD/ THCa with certain low boiling point isolated terpenes aka ‘green solvents’ lol, you could use the heat/pressure diamonds to seed said solution.

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