“Head 2 Head Face-Off” Distillation Competition rules structure discussion

Please do not add to this discussion if it us not a critical discussion point on the upcoming event structure or rulings.

Series list to be editted as needed but to catalog the progress so far

Two categories of competition


  • System must be accessible gear from the prior quarter or before. Able to be purchased as is by the public from a reputable, legal source.

    • Category for judges (no particular order)

      • speed
      • potency of final product(potency 5 test average)
      • yield
      • cost
      • Quality
        judges panel has a 1-10 scale to judge this category based on color, consistency, smell.
      • average temperature of boiling flask during mains
      • How messy did the tech get
      • speed of assembly from material is in the pot
      • total Amperage draw
    • Category for poll

      • easy of assembly
      • is the price reasonable
      • do you like the design
  • Open Category:

    • Systems may be completely custom, designs may be hidden until date of competition.
      • violators of any espionage that can be proven will forfeit their chance to compete in the that particular event and forfeit their bet if it exists. This does not include if a competitor is sent a personal message by someone in an effort to force their hand. They must ask for information.

      • judges category

        • speed
        • quality
          • judges panel has a 1-10 scale to judge this category based on color, consistency, smell.
        • potency
        • yield
        • average temperature of boiling flask during mains
        • how messy did the tech get


        • how badass is that beast
        • ease of use
        • If you had a million dollars, would you buy it?
  • Competing importants:

  • systems will start disassembled, including manifolding and all glass/stainless. It may be fully accessible on a table or shelving setup by competitor.

  • boiling flasks will begin full, pre tared and volume checked by judges for balance of 1-5g % of error. Competition begins when both have cooled to room temp and the judges hit the clock.
    -12-22L systems (same size boiling flask for completion

  • same amount of material from same feedstock

  • same process method allowance (to be chosen by competitors based on feedstock given: simple yes or no to allowing processing other then short path, no outweighs a yes if its split decision)

    • winterization and solvent removal methods will be judged if the process is needed.
    • if mid/pre processing is allowed, judged on method. Contestants can choose to not but the speed of the system begins and ends when the temperature is turned on and turned off.
  • judges category for stock to have a 3 tiered weight structure.

    • Tier 1 3 points or zero
    • Tier 2 2 points or zero
      Power Draw
    • Tier 3 1 point or zero
      Speed of assembly
      Boiling flask temperature
  • judges category for modded (open) to have a 2 tiered weight structure.

    • Tier 1 3 points or zero
    • Tier 2 1 points or zero
      How messy did the tech get (shirt)
      Boiling flask temperature
  • judges rating on quality will be a blind result, both products will be in the same vessel and of the same volume. To be gathered by the competitor when they are able. From a homogenized full source of the product.

  • Public Poll location to be determined, points separate from judges section. Each question is awarded a single point in favor of one or the other competitors. There will be a winner for the judges and from the public, or one winner of both categories

  • Bets by competitors may or may not be chosen to exist, (no outweighs a yes in split decision)

  • no power or outlet restrictions

  • systems entered may be owned by competitors or be sponsored by outside parties.

  • each competitor is allowed one gopher. (Someone to get them food or necessities but may not touch the system or give advice)

  • Attendance based on venue limits

    • if venue says only competitors and cameras, then judges must watch in real time the live feed, which should include many cameras
      • (cameras to be determined)
  • Roto, tables, power to be supplied by venue or sponsor, everything else (cleaning materials) can be provided by competitors or whoever wants to bring said things.

Let me know what needs to be added and i will add it to the final write up and keep it in my personal files.

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Understanding all needs for all Competitors to run simultaneously without issue in the same location and dialing finer details on location pick so we can focus efforts on that location for an initial competition. While maybe considering a plan B should something arise. If we can get something off the ground once we could open up future potential battles and locations. Like closed loops etc.

Just making sure we have all the requirements hit and then going from there on how it can work for audience / event size.

Yes, we need to make sure the venue is vetted and ready for us. As far as other competitions, they can learn from our example but i dont want to have involvement in those arrangements.

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Sidcocat said she has a good lead in California. I think that would be most simple for yall to review and check, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t XD.

Yes, i have the emails for that place and am going down there next week at the earliest to check it out and structure things

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I can show layouts of a decent spd room with a handful of 20Ls and couple wiped films running. I think would work well for OK

Send me the info you have in dm, i was looking for a power structure layout as well

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this is what I had in mind as far as scoring. It’s a WIP, but it shows the general concept. Rewarded for quantitative/qualitative performance/lower price of system/operation

things can be re-weighted and adjusted, but I think relative measures are good for this type of contest. Absolute is another category IMO

also note the second sheet


Can you email this to me so i can check it out?

You unable to click a link?


Oh! It does open. Cool. Ill check it out

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I just played with it a bit more to give a better idea of how I’m trying to weigh it all. Since this is a race, I figure significantly more weight is needed for speed

Bundling all the expenses into a yearly figure is also a better representation of cost than upfront expense

You know… Looking at the sheet it’s thorough but I think the conclusion I come to is that it’s complicated… When you have a competition the reason they keep the judging simple is so that you as a consumer don’t get lost in the details Or confused how one person won. if someone wants to spend time scoring things like that… Whatever works for you… But to me just having a three tiered system makes more sense in the long run if the individual companies want to take the information and figure out the yearly expense then that’s one thing

so speed, purity, and value? the first two are pretty straightforward, the latter takes a little math

Read my write up, i break down my reasoning

In my opinion speed should be weighed heavily only if a max time is exceeded and should be rewarded in some proportional way if time is saved.

Let’s not get lost in a faster is better race and forget about safety. Competitors should probably stop competing during things like solvent recovery.

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Fundamentally, distillation is about separating molecules based on their different volatilities. I would like to see a competition in which (for example) a 50:50 mixture of CBD and CBN is separated by classical vacuum SPD and split into two fractions.

Some kind of weighted formula could determine the better separation; total recovered CBD in the lighter fraction and degree of CBD enrichment.

One pass through SPD head of choice, reasonable time constraint.


If running same vacuum configuration on each system, I don’t see much beating that summit heating mantle. Would still love to watch a livestreamed race though

IKA magnetic stirrer with a Glas-Col mantle set.


I’m open minded but I’m not sure the summit mantle has any positive effect on distillation

Have you used one? The 5L version of the techno heat had a weaker stir than the average mantle on the market. The bigger versions I’m sure had their own issues (squeaky).

I might sound like a summit hater at this point but I feel like I need to speak the truth as much as possible or else the fake continues to thrive.