HB4287: OMMA Death of Dispensary Packaging


It sux in Il. You cant see or smell the weed in a dispensary. I havent bought any. I do see jobs as a delivery driver from packaging site to dispensaries.


Check out these three stock photos on this tablet. Here’s your sealed bag you’re not allowed to open in the shop. No refunds or exchanges after you walk out the door.


and the place is sterile and white and has armed security looming. Im hoping for cannabis lounges. They also scanned my id into a database vs just checking it.


I was in my local corner store the other day. College aged kid in front of me gets a d8 pen, the guy behind the counter literally says open that up and try it before you walk out.


he has a good refund policy but got taken advantage of. I went to a pipe store and there were methheads buying ecigs and complaining the last one didnt last? What do you expect a cashier to do?

Is this just to shut down the backdoor game or what? I doubt retail diversion is as big as backdooring packs out there

:man_shrugging: Sooner (get it?) or later things change.


Beats the pants off the way Illinois dispensaries operate.

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I agree, sometimes I can’t believe this is reality.


Its that way from day one in IL but it really is stupid. You need to see and smell it before buying it. We have 25 percent tax on concentrate. On top of the normal 12.5 percent retail tax.

Lol retail is where you get it.

Not if you never bother to take it to a shop and just ship it down 35🤷‍♂️

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Illinois is “hahaha, we fucked you! Better luck next time sucka!”

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Out of state retail customers drive up and work deals all day. Our retail is still less than most states wholesale :shushing_face:

That’s allowed under the system though, packaged product won’t stop out of state patients from diversion. Packaged product also won’t stop people who just grow under the pretext of med to ship to bm states either

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Selling unpackaged packs and jars… out the store lol

I got the damn packaging for cookies off amazon LOL. Just heat seal it and slap a label on it.

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Funny thing tho- I think im growin legit gary payton so its no lies. and the package has a clear window. But i really dont sell 1/8ths but should to make customers. I got baggies.

Deli style puts liability on retailers.