Hazy HTE - what could it be? Lipids...? CBGa?!

A few strains that we process on a regular basis produce a very hazy HTE when cold crashed. The “haze” even accumulates on the cold crashed THCa, as seen in the pictures below.

At first, it looks a lot like lipids. However does not act like lipids. I collected some and sent it out for potency analysis and this is what came back:

Any of y’all ever seen this before? It seems quite strange to have such a high concentration of CBGa

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Can’t say I’ve seen CBGA crystallize before but I haven’t really tried… were you extracting hemp? Or a strain with a known high amount of CBGA?

As an aside, I hate the vertical axis on that bar graph…


You say that you have noticed that this result is strain specific? Can you elaborate, which strains? What end product, or characteristics, are you trying to achieve? The proportions of cannabinoids indicate to me that this batch may have been cut too early, unless you were intending to make a CBGa dominant product. What kind of material were you working with? Also, What kind of solvent were you working with? Is your solvent clean? Are you using a molecular sieve?

It’s a shame if it was just cut too early because that plant was pushing out some CBCa and THCVa. What strain is this?


This was extracted from premium indoor flower. We have 2 strains that do this consistently. The flower tests just over 1% CBGa. Our other strains test closer to .2% CBGa

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IME CBG is ready and willing to crash out like crazy. It always formed crystals in my distillation flasks when short pathing CBG material. Your last picture actually looks like a cold crash CBD slurry in hexane lol. I’m guessing you’re seeing cbg micro crystals.

  • The strains in question are burnt orange and crazy hazey, both archive genetics

  • The cold crashed portion gets decarbed, the HTE gets mixed back in once decarbed, then into carts it goes

  • I believe all strains are harvested at the same time, or atleast within a few days. Very likely these strains want to go longer than the rest.

  • Premium indoor fresh frozen flower

  • Pre distilled N-Butane

  • Using 13x beads and swapping them out regularly

  • The pics and test results are from the burnt orange


My guess would be CBG(a) crystallizing, in my experience CBG loves to crystallize faster than any other cannabinoid I have worked with.


Do you have analytics on the flower before extraction? Looks like a CBG strain with higher than normal THCa levels to me. I work with hemp and CBG/CBGa do like to crystallize very easily. Normally I’m working with farm bill compliant material, so when you extract some flower with 0.2% total THC it gets concentrated up to 2-3%. 13% THCa in the extract with an 82% TAC would be from quite hot hemp. Did you grow or buy this trim?


Here’s a couple old pics/vid of CBG crude being distilled

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this CoA looks familiar :smiley:

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Only the weird lipid looking stuff was sent in for analysis, didn’t include any of the THCa blooms underneath. Going to test an emulsified sample of the whole batch and see where the CBGa numbers are compared to the isolated weird lipid looking stuff.

This is from indoor fresh frozen flower. I dont work in the garden, but it is grown by the company I work for.

I will post results from the flower it came from when they are available

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Looks like the pics/vids didnt upload

Thanks dude, didn’t see that.

Hey @sidco Was trying to upload a couple vids, one 25.1 MB and one 26.1MB i tried uploading them separately and it says that the site maximum is 39 MB per image…am I messing something up here?


Yeah It’s a bug ive been working on, sorry about that. I think the limit is 10mb


No worries, thanks for clearing that up!

COA for the burnt orange flower


indeed, CBG like’s to crystallize in receiving flasks during distillation. however, what do you think accounts for the relative ratios on the COA? We’re looking at a 20ish:1 ratio of D9:CBG on the biomass, compared to a 5:1 the other way in the HTE, which is a 100x difference. Borderline want to say this is an analytical issue but unless they are derivatizing the acidic cannabinoids, I can’t think of anything relevant they would ‘confuse’ cbga for.

The logarithmic axis also hurts the brain