Having issues on my purge labs with recovery

Having serious issues with recovery on purge labs system. Running 2 mvp 150. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

very useful post. absolutely no details on the actual issue.

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I think we need more info… what are your pressures and temps in the solvent tank and the reactor?

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There are many variables here.

  1. how hot is your collection tank
  2. how cold is your recovery tank
  3. any heat exchangers or coils to chill solvent going into tank?
  4. Does the mvp 150 run off co2 tank? I had a faulty mvp and the co2 inlet was clogged with some sort of pine smelling resin
  5. running 2 pumps without check valves can cause problems. They will compete against each other.

@downtheterphole is correct lol tell us more about how the problem started and if its a new problem or if you just need a consult.

…and I’m going to suggest a 1k word substitute to help hang the description you’re about to give us on.

Right now, all we know is that you have two pumps…and would like something different to be happening when you turn them on.

Edit: how does a problem purging solvent qualify for “distillate” or “distillation” tags?


Pressure on collection is 0psi
Pressure on solvent 10psi
Mvp 10-20psi on co2 charged
Pressure on material column 20psi

We use Nitrogen push

MVPs are on separate Seaves and not fighting each other

Chiller on solvent tank is at -30c

Collection is st 32c -60c tried everything in between there

At like .5 if that lbs per min

I have a heat exchanger from bhogard but waiting for chiller from service before I can install

Running 2 separate coils 1 for each mvp with eth and dry ice

Check co2 inlet for clogging, also u should be able to run the co2 at like 40 psi i think. call bhogart san jose ask for taymoor

Sorry guys didn’t realize everyone would chime in so fast didn’t want to write a bunch with no response so I left it vague, thank you all for response. I hope everyone has a good 4th

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Cool I deal with Taymour, he’s solid. Didn’t think it had to do with pumps felt it’s a temp issues or not having heat exchanger up and running. I have only ran the machine about eight times and done a few passes each time so I’m just kind of figuring it all out on a new machine this big

I dont talk to any of the other clowns at bhogart lol. While they are nice, they are little help on technical things

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Taymour or Thomra?

sounds like you just aren’t creating enough vapor to feed 2 MVPs. You could try putting a heat coil in the collection chamber or some other way to vaporize the solvent faster.


Im guessing thorma. I was chatting with him recently. Hes from the San Jose shop. Solid guy it seems.

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