Have we found any good Chinese equipment suppliers?


After reading through most of the nightmare threads…

Is anyone having good luck with Chinese suppliers?

I was wanting to scoop up a 10-20L roto and a 50-100L reactor.

I know David does great with glassware. But has anyone actually had good luck with the hardware side?

Senco technology provides good quality Rotovap, reactors and thermostat
Not as good as German quality but definitely better quality than average Chinese trader.
Hmu if you wanna be put thru


I have a good connection with Lanphan and I have been happy with.

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1 in a million

Or untll you need warranty work. Then its pass the buck.


Yea their warranty work wouldn’t be good I would say. But they are helpful in repairs and diagnostics.
I have a 5L pro series rotovap with a -30 chiller, also some buchner filters from them as well. Not a ton of stuff but its all doing good for me.

You must have missed about 4 threads that they do not stand behind their products. It’s always pass the buck to someone else that works in the same factory.

If you MUST buy china products, usalab buys their equipment, BUT has a place in the USA. And can get warranty work done with zero hassle.


Any issues i have had my sales rep gets back with me on steps. I have not had anything break thankfully.
My chiller might not keep it as cold as id like but other than that, it isnt bad. Was cost effective to start.

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We had several wiper units from them almost 10 yrs ago and there service was good . We did have some problems with the equipment but it was replaced

I just got a new mantle on warranty

This happen to me with a china mantle too. The stirrer was too hard to move, just unscrew off a little bit and works fine:)