Haskel offers more than just the EXT 420 -

Hey There… Just PC your Haskel 710 series pump guy here… Now the Ingersol Rand owns Haskel, they have added a couple of new pumps to their BHO line. I attached a snip for review. AGD-1.5-710 is a winner and coupled with a EXT-420-2 you can do a full run all the way to 5< HG…
We stock both plus we are your factory service center for the 710 industry.

Still waaay cheaper than like a Corken T-91

When did the sale happen? Does this mean replacement parts might not take two months to get anymore?

Edit: this is obviously only applicable for the less standard pumps like the DSFs and higher ratio AGDs, plenty of EX420 parts stocked around the states

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By the way huge Sid Viciuos fan. I’m a first waver. The sale took place last year. Actually they’ve had a few little growing pains and we had a few more issues than previously. right now, no problem getting the higher end pump parts never has been a problem, it’s just a lot of people don’t stock to the depth that we do. I have AGT 62/152 parts AGD-30 AGD 60 you name it I got it. Even the big eight horse stuff. I can build you anything you want you want to EXT-420-2? I can have it built for you in a week. I have in’s at the factory and I work to get expedited parts all the time for the 710 industry. I’m also the Repair coordinator for the western United States at FLW you can see me on Haskell’s website my name is Patrick. All of the major extraction company send me their pumps for service. Especially the high-end stuff. We have about less than 1% return rate on Repair. I’m very proud of that. So thanks and peace out


My counterpart FLW-710. Works with all types of different extraction companies to fix problems with such systems as ETS etc. We figured out how to troubleshoot and get these things to run right

I even have come up with a coalescer air filter set up for the Apex rigs that run the 14/62s because they get filled with oil. I had extraction errors sending pumps in every two or three months to get done now I’m lucky to see these guys once a year once they put my filter in.

That’s pretty cool. What does the price run on one of these units and what are the main differences between the base 420ext & AGD 1.5-710?

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Displacement is the big difference: 60 cubic inches per stroke vs 20 with the EXT-420, AGD has the the same cfm requirement as the EXT-420. We’ve found the you’ll need to add more coils to your recovery vessel to increase your gas volume. We see good results and you don’t have to peel off the big $$ for new tech. See my counterpart’s response below FLW-NW-710…
Pump costs $ $5,575.00

Which AGD costs $5500? We’re getting our AGD7s for like $2800

Dang! I want to buy where you get them from!!! Because last time I checked (1 minute ago) :image|690x54 They sell for more than the 1.5-710
The AGD-1.5-710 is also able to move 3xs the volume. The AGD-7 is only 26.4 ci vs 60 for the 1.5. Also, why do you need 2500 PSI capability. The 1.5 goes from ATM to 300 and lasts forever.

But I can get you EXTs all day for that price or less depending on your location

CO2 systems. This is OEM pricing but still, 100% markup is a pretty big markup

Oh so your an OEM? AGD-7 is $6,022.00 list. We normally discount heavily to the industry. Do you mean an AGD-4 by chance? EXT-420 is the modified version of the 4 and I can beat your price all day and put a couple hundred bucks in your pocket.

We use both AGD-4 and 7, tell you the truth it’s possible I have the invoice numbers mixed up. Next time we re-order I will hit you up for pricing

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Sounds like a plan… appreciate it…Thx!

This unit uses the same 25 SCFM air consumption as the EXT’s but has 3 times the displacement at 60 CU IN per stroke. This pump averages a recovery rate of 1.5 lbs / minute and I have seen that the guys that have engineered the heating and condensing around this unit have got 2 lbs / minute. This pump can only generate an outlet pressure of 1.5 x Air Drive + gas pressure versus the EXT420 / 59025 that is 4 x Air Drive + plus gas pressure. That makes the pump run considerably quieter. By not allowing the techs in the industry the option to run their pump too fast overcoming heating and condensing flaws means the pumps stays within its parameters thus extending the life of the pump. In fact we started selling this unit in early 19’ and have only repaired a few units since.


That sounds like a huge upgrade. Thanks for taking the time to explain. I have a base ETS MEP with a single ext-420 pump. What would I need to do to the setup to incorporate this pump ?

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Hey what’s up man. I’m kind of down for the count little under the weather but I just wanted to answer your question. Really not a whole bunch but what you need to do is increase your recovery volume because it’s going to go up! You could be drawing volume that you don’t have. But I don’t know how much recovery capability you have on your system so you can pretty much just install the AGD in place of one EXT 420 if you have a dual system and you’re good to go or if it’s a single system same thing you just can’t draw down to any sort of vacuum that’s why a lot of guys run an EXT 420 and the 1.5 side-by-side. And they make it a two stage on the EXT so that way they can draw vacuum. But I don’t know how much recovery capability you have on your system so you can pretty much just install the AGD in place of one EXT 420 if you have a dual system and see if you’re getting increased recovery rate or if it’s a single system same thing. If not then you’re gonna have to add more coils. Bottom line is you don’t have to do any serious modifications CFM usage is the same as an EXT fittings are basically the same may have a couple tubing little adjustments but really that much. I am out I’m out have a great weekend.

Just realized you have single pump. My bad…

I would love to have a more lengthy conversation but here is the short answer. Matt with ETS has tested and found that the EXT420 / 59025 works best in dual stage and that is how they sell them. The things to assess would be the heater set up / collection pot design along with the condensing coil design. The only way to use that pump would be be to ensure there is enough vapor created and have the ability to eliminate as much of back pressure as possible ensuring the vapor has fully been condensed to a liquid prior to your recovery tank. I do not know what your current rate of recover is but one of ETS customers just recently addressed and upgraded all of the things I mentioned and is now getting a recovery rate of .7 LBS / minute with his existing EXT420 / 59025 and that is without testing the larger AGD-1.5-710 yet.
Here is my contact information if you wish to discuss it in further detail.

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