Haskel Ext-420-2 or Vaporhawg/VaporSmartz?

Time to upgrade, I can’t decide between the VaporHawg/VapourSmartz and Haskel Ext-420-2… Has anyone out there used both and could give a comparison ?

I’m tending 5 Haskell’s and a VaporSmartz.

They both get the job done better than anything else I’ve tried. Neither solution is exactly quiet.

Do you have a 10Horse air compressor lying around?

The rig I have the VaporSmartz on seems to be considerably faster that the rigs with dual Haskell’s, but overall system design is better, & plumbing is larger bore with shorter runs, so I wouldn’t call that solid data,

Comparing their performance would best be done by comparing recovery times on the same system. I may have that data soon


No, if I get the haskel I was planning on getting Chicago Pneumatic QRS 10D. Just concerned about ease-of-use, and noise level. Vaporsmartz seems easy, not sure about noise, and wasn’t sure if it will keep up with a haskel. Plus VaporSmartz is a electric and heard its considerably more expensive to have electricity in a C1D1 environment.

If you had to get one today what would you go with?

The Air driven pumps make a noise like a steam engine running, they can be pretty loud depending on how many you have banging away.
Electric pumps are more akin to a loud pool pump.
For c1d1 I would use a pnumatic pump.


Yea the haskels are not fun to be around without ear protection… That why I was trying to avoid it, I saw the VaporSmartz was on the market I was ready to order it, Then I found out they changed the motor from the original VaporHawg design that used a 2hp motor with higher pressure rating, and now its 1hp with 60psi shut off… but still very tempting as I hate loud noise, but C1D1 is more of a concern, VaporSmartz says its C1D1 certified but Im not sure what thats even good for if the expensive part is actually getting electricity in your C1D1 room in the first place?

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it is certainly easier to make a room without sources of ignition if you don’t run electrickery into it. just need a sealed box with with rated ventilation.

running the electrickery in appropriate conduit and terminating in an appropriate receptacle is not rocket science, but it will cost more than running a regular circuit.

the 60psi cut-off is (user?) adjustable up to 120 PSI. I’ve got mine at 80PSI right now, and will probably push it up a hair more once I’m certain on the capacity of my solvent tank.

I’d be much happier with it if the money was going to wolfwerx rather than pdxgold

we run our haskels in their own ventilated and sound-proofed closets. the only issue there is that I’d never hear the alarm on the gas detector in the closet. apparently we have blown seals and had leaks in there in the past that were only caught because gas usage went up. a remote display/alarm on the detector would fix that. anyone got one they’d recommend?!?


I see, so not a big deal.

Didn’t realize that, plus I dont run propane so not really an issue.

I agree 100%, but thats a whole other subject…lol

Sounds like either way I would be building a separate pump room to control noise.

Any experience with the MVP? saw they just posted a new version a couple days ago.

I’ve seen them mounted outside or in a “shed”. Or even in a cabinet with good air circulation that was sound insulated and with the doors closed your could have a conversation even with both of them running. And take into account rebuild costs and do n time Haskell’s seem to easy to maintain. Just my 2 cents


Like what?

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Go to a singe AGD-1.5 Recovers more than 2 EXTs, quieter and uses the same scfm as one EXT… Just my $.02

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I realize this an old thread but wanted to make you guys aware of a few things.

Easy trick to cut down the noise of a Haskel pump. Rather than enclose them all you need to do is to remove the muffler and pipe the exhaust out of the room. This will take the majority of the noise and direct it to area out of the lab.

The new Haskel offering of the AGD-1.5-710 has 60 CU IN of displacement per stroke versus the EXT’s that only have 20 CU IN of displacement per stroke. My customers are getting 1.5+ LBS of recovery / minute as it is basically 3 EXT’s in 1 while using the same 25 SCFM of air to drive the pump so need for bigger compressors.

Added bonus as it is also quieter due to a different spool valve design. Only draw back is this unit is not rated to pull a vacuum. For existing EXT owners looking to upgrade this is not an issue as they just run both pumps in parallel with the ability to isolate each one. They use the AGD-1.5-710 for the majority of the run and use the EXT420 in dual stage mode to finish the run. Since January 19’ we have only seen less than 5 need to rebuilt so they are very reliable.

No electricity in the lab, fast recovery, and less downtime its a win win win!!


What is the ticket?

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The AGD-1.5-710 retail for $ 5,654.57 each. We have a couple in stock currently.