Haskel experts....difference in seal kits, different model numbers?

Picked up a Haskel model 83354 R600 transfer pump, looks like somebody sucked hash into this thing and ran it for a while after, so once I’m done cleaning everything up going to have to reseal kit it.

From what I can tell from the Airline website Airline Hydraulics and the FLW website for this pump here: Haskel EXT420 Single Stage R600 Butane Extraction Pump - FLW, Inc. and a drawing that page links to here: https://store.flw.com/content/100962/93727/haskel-r600-butane-transfer-pump-ext420-product-drawing.pdf , the 83354 model is (maybe?) the pump upon what the EXT-420 models were built, unlike newer EXT models this one doesn’t have the valve and plumbing to select parallel/serial pumping modes, not that I would expect that matters wrt the seals inside the hydrocarbon pumping side of the pump

Haskels website doesn’t list the 83354 model nor the EXT420 in their seal kit selector under the spare parts page as far as I can tell. Airline’s website shows a few different seal kits, can anyone confirm that 29017 is the correct seal package for the gas side of this pump? I used Haskels contact form on their website last week and still haven’t got a response, would feel a little better if the kits on Airline’s website were labelled better. Don’t want to order an air end seal kit when I need the gas end

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@FLW710 @FLW-NW-710 might have info.

@SidViscous also seems pretty familiar with these pumps.

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If you post your question at the following IC Mag link, David Gordon from Haskel will answer your question:

Haskel pneumatic refrigerant pumps - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

You may also contact him at David.gordon@haskel.com


Greenbuggy thank you for reaching out as we can surely help you out. The 83354 pump & EXT420 pump is exactly the same. No matter what plumbing you have externally internally they are identical. Before Ingersol Rand acquired Haskel they changed the name from EXT420 back to 83354 and then IR changed it back to EXT420 recently.

Anyhow please call me to discuss the needs of the pump as we can either sell you all the items you need or can do the service for you as FLW is a HASKEL Authorized Service Repair Center.

My contact info is (503)710-1620

I look forward to helping you out.


My recommendation is to reach out to airline directly, they’re way more knowledgeable than the Haskel tech support honestly. Their main guy Kyle is the man


I suppose that depends on who at Haskel you talk to, but I can attest that both Joe Jesse and Dave Gordon are knowledgeable and provided me all the support I ever asked for.

Dave was the Haskel rep who rebuilt the Haskel Ext 420 in the video we made and published on SPR and is Haskel’s resident expert answering questions on IC Mag, .

Joe Jesse was the local HIS rep that made it happen and serviced my WolfWurx account, as well as the person who can provide you service and parts.

No reflection intended on Kyle, as I’ve never done business with him, but it is hard for me to believe that he is more knowledgeable.


FWIW, Dave is also a really good guy. The reality is that Airline seems to sell and service more Haskel equipment than anyone else and they’re a bit more up front about the reality of equipment/failures than Haskel who can be a little “optimistic” about problems. I also don’t have a ton of experience with Haskel post IR acquisition so maybe they’ve allowed Dave to get a little less reserved in commenting on stuff failing