Has anyone used this system or similar for bubble hash?

Has anyone here used this system for ice water hash?

I seem to remember there being a reason why compressed air agitation was unfavorable for maximum returns when separating trichomes in ice or chilled water…

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Was it simply because the aeration is fed from the base of the vessel which pushes the trichomes towards the surface?

Obviously we want them to sink not float to the surface then settle on top of the biomass…

I’m still struggling to remember why air powered mixing was a no-no

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Shooting from the hip here, but was it because using compressed air has the potential to add adulterants from the tank?

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I’ve heard of people having better success with other gases I think. Like co2 I wanna say. This method always seemed to promote undesirables in the hash. But I do not doubt with the right R&D team this machine could be viable. I just always stuck with what I know works esp with other peoples money lol


Gas expansion is definitely a tricky one for this. My only concerns would be the same having a unit that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you’d need to function efficiently. With it coming from the bottom and creating bubbles that break apart the bio mass would be my main concern other than having to wash the trichomes that get stuck atop the wash once ready for collection. This can be avoided with a spray bar I’m sure but also would be beneficial to have a set screen the hash itself could fall below and from the screen on each corner have a emitter that would then cause the propulsion for mixing. I feel that would be better as then you could Al pst quite literally have a continuous wash loop of the batch that’s in.

As for the gas expansion it’s a fine tuned tech that will have to be controlled on a few variables of course as every batch of bio will differ in its own way. But it will be determined upon r&d of course. I played with something similar hand washing years ago, I would put a couple palm sized chunks of DI in the bottom of my wash bucket below screens while washing when I would do them all in one bucket with the work bag. It would make some of the nicest hash due to temps, but wasn’t as controllable as it could have been with something like this unit here. Yields were low due to the material I was using but the quality came out a bit better for what it was.

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has anyone ever played with a vibrating bubble hash washer? What about like a bass drum peddle banging the wash vessel periodically to introduce a percussive wave?

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Ya I’ve got another consult coming up and the client is really sold on this system from Wacky Willy and i just dont have any solid data to report on its efficacy. The price tag, jacketed wash vessel and included chilller is what’s attracting the client.


I’d stick with ice Xtract If that’s a feature he likes . Their shit bangs bro.

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They make the Icon right? Heard great things about that unit.

I’ll check it out. I’ve only used Pure Pressure Axis Separator, Low Temp Osprey, Delta Separations Vortex Separator, obviously Bubble Magic washers and then a few custom builds (both manual stir and china fuge style).

@ThePhilosopherStoned Out of the larger washers you have used which ones did you enjoy the most and why?


I prefer the upgraded jacketed osprey by far for highest quality output due to little to no ice requirements.

The axis separator is clutch for high volume mid-high grade production because the 2 wash vessels let you continously be washing one and filtering the other so its max productivity


We tried air spargers reluctantly. They did not work. Engineers warned me, but we tried anyways.

The issue with spargers is that they are typically made to suspend solids off the bottom of tanks like when solids are heavy (think sand) and not to agitate. Air is loud and more energy intensive than a motor to agitate. It volatilizes terpenes. Most importantly it is not an effective method to remove heads from biomass. There are way better methods to do it.

Lastly, why spend 20k for a 75-gallon machine when you can get a Mesclatore Lite for $15k that can wash 35 pounds of FF on a 100-gallon tank? That’s my 2 cents.


I attended a demonstration of the Wacky Willys lineup yesterday. I watched Willy fill and agitate the various models of washers he builds

Howd you like it?

I’ll go over it tomorrow :call_me_hand:

All in all air agitation is not feasible IMO…I can see the faults in this method after watching the demo

There were some other features to his sytems that were pretty clever and unique


So the air agitation comes from the base of the vessel, as expected, entering from 4 air inlets into the slurry. IMO from the visual demonstration it does not sufficiently agitate the contents of the vessel. Air rises without circulation, obviously, so only the biomass in the direct path of the inlets is agitated. Additionally there is no circulation from a stirring mechanism or vortex.

What I did like about his vibratory collection vessels was the mounting of the vibration motor on the underside of the base. Instead of on the side of the vessels, like I’ve seen some, so the vibration should be more evenly distributed throughout the vessel.

Willy also uses this mechanical arm that has a mash plate (perforated ss disc) mounted above the vessel that can be used to submerge the biomass in the water at desired intervals to saturate it thoroughly.

But to surmise I still am not sold on air injection being a viable alternative to mechanical stirring.