Has anyone used the Delta VTS-50 Agitator?

I’m curious about the efficiency of this ice water agitator, if anyone has used it and has some feedback I would really appreciate it. I haven’t seen or heard much about it.

@frenchycannoli from I.G
look him up, he has some videos using the machine, he has one in his lab, Also icextract
just came out with a machine to. Plus i am also following some one on I.G that is in the process of making a 5 - 10 and 20 gallon machine.


It looks solid, I haven’t used one but I’ve run delta gear before and they’re a pretty solid company.

I think the selling point is having a “more” gmp-esq system for hash that’s decent sized and is semi-autonomous


It seems Delta is currently having some issues holding them back from producing the VTS.
I checked into the icextract washer and it looks pretty solid. Does anyone know of any other manufacturers?

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The iceextract washers do look pretty solid from what I’ve seen on their website, though I seem to have a hard time finding out what they retail at or if you can currently place orders on them

I just spoke to a rep over at icextract. I was able to get a quote for the 74 gal and 120 gal units.

74 gal
w/o jacket: 29,000
w/Jacket: 31,000

120 gal
w/o jacket: 32,500
w/Jacket: 35,000

I was hearing around $25k for the 50 gallon delta, looks like the icextract 74 could be a better deal at $29-31k.

I’ve never really heard of the company before though, do they have a reputation and I’ve just never come across them?

They have a reputation for high quality mesh work bags and filter bags. They’re pretty pricy.
An automated washing machine is a totally different commodity though.