Has anyone tried this?

Has anyone tried blasting just heads? Like bubble hash > freeze dryer > bho:pho (or whatever your choice) > vac oven/whipped/whatever

I’ve blasted old rosin bags before. Christ almighty was that a ton of extra goodies. All old rosin bags of 5star bubble, tried to crc it and just couldn’t. That shit was to dark. Turned it into disty in the end


Dry sift material then flash freeze or Ln2 style dip in freeze safe vac seal.

Pack dry ice chilled blasting column (or freezer stored iso halls setups)

Keep in mind your down to 25um on particle size keep filtration below column suited for particles of that manner.

Make sure column is pack medium pack

Breach soaking slowly to not follow through with pitting & waste yeilds.

Recover your setup & continue on.