Has anyone tried Cones Vibration Table to pack pre rolls?

Vibration Table
109mm Filler

Does anyone have experience using these two together for pre rolls?? About to pull the plug but want to ask others on here to see if they have either used/have better suggestions.

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Let me know if you end up getting any feedback or using the system yourself, I am in the market for a pre-roll solution as well. Thanks!

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Wow $495 for that vibrating thing? Seems like a big ole green tax. Would something like this not work?

East-Dental Small Square Quartet Model Vibrator Lab Equipment JT-51B

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Here’s the motor thats on the bottom of the table. Not sure of the cost but I can’t imagine it’s warranting that price tag. Seems like with these things the vibration aspect can be DIY’d to a certain extent but a proper cone holder might be a little tougher.

just tape it to a dildo


The bottleneck will always be twisting the ends.


Use a DA sander. Pneumatic (air) or electric.

40.00 at harbor freight. Or 350 mac/snap-on version if you want it to last yrs.

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Made obe out of a vibratory tumbler from harbour freight and some Styrofoam … Worked great using cones just a thought

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From my experience these smaller machines get the job done but obviously won’t be accurate weight wise compared to a cone machine that has volume based metering system. As Kinsman said the bottleneck isn’t the filling its all the labor afterwards on having to tamp, weigh, and twist the pre-rolls.

As others said vibrating motor can be found pretty easily the harder part is finding the perfect for each cone. We came out with a much cheaper version of the cone machine your looking at Fast Fill Cone Filling Machines | Custom Cones USA

I have imagined a futurola offloading tray with a bunch of individual,small scales at the bottom, connected to digital display that would tell you the weights, removing the ones that are out of weight range, and then passing on to others to just twist. You could then dial-in the amount loaded and get near close to desired weight. Just a rough dream :slight_smile:

This is my setup


Looks like somebody saw my post


I’ve actually done that before. I work for a chain of sex stores and we also carry cbd/hemp. When we started making our prerolls, I taped 4 of our highest powered, cheapest vibes to it, and it kinda worked. You just couldn’t let go of it because it wanted to vibrate off the table!

Strap the dildos to the bottom of a board and then screw board to a small tire. Instant vibrating table. Then put that joint filler on top. I’ve used this technique to vibrate concrete pots I used to make. Didnt use dildos though. Plate tamper exciter worked well. Just a thought


I watched the guy who sells them at the shows grind up a bunch of hemp and fill the cones right there. Wasn’t too bad.


At least @spdking doesn’t have to go too far to find a dildo. Just a short walk in the woods where he left it… I mean found it.


this is the way !

When I cleaned my yard last year I found it and left it there. I suppose there was a field/cheeseburger party that got out of hand before I moved in.


I believe they use these concrete motors


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This is a gem. Gonna have to try this out stat!!

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