Has anyone tested the shortpath ends?

When running high thc winterized crude through our 5L LS short path we have some really smooth black oil that we’re left with. We get 50%-78% yield of distillate on first pass. (78% was today! :heart_eyes:) We read the “ends” are high in cbn that’s been mostly decarbed all the way. A fellow distiller said he tested some of his ends and still had 40% cannabinoids in it. Could we not be getting it all out even if we watch our final fraction deminish with the distillate barely dribbling? And since we only ran our organic growers bho, wouldn’t those “ends” be medicinal? Thank you all for your time!


Vape some and find out what its like. It might be nasty but you will know if it has some kick to it. I micro refine and every drip is gleaned and all flasks too. The way it works for me is I set aside the tail ends. For me it takes a few months at least but at some point there is enough to throw those in with fresh crude. The gleanings from that can equal a week of medicine for me, though as my processes streamline there is only a fraction left in the BF these days compared to before.

Some of that boiling flask stuff is really not that bad to vape but not so good I would prefer it lolz.


yep, but that’s theirs. if you want to know what’s in your flask, have yours tested…

If your yield varies from 50-78% of crude, that could be a reflection on the potency of your crude just as much as a reflection of what you’ve got left in the flask.

the only way to know, is to test…

Which is why I’m a broken record recommending in-house analytics

Edit: curious about how many questions in-house analytics can solve?
try Search results for 'in house analytics' - Future4200

Edit: @Beaker’s solution is certainly valid. Ideally you have a dedicated and calibrated bioassay team. see Organoleptics: In House QC?