Has anyone ran reclaimed oil from an oil rig through analytics?

Hello I have been curious about this for a while but has anyone ever tried testing the reclaimed oil after it has been vaped in an oil rig? My assumptions are that it would be high in CBN because of the rapid degradation of the THC, but I truly have no idea for sure and this is something I have pondered for quite some time. Please feel free to add any thoughts you might have :slight_smile:

I have.

I recall it testing a little higher than my decarbed BHO, maybe 85% total cannabinoids? Input was probably all mine, so all winterized.

However, it was analyzed on an SRI-GC, which doesn’t distinguish THC from THCA and has a known issue with CBN blindness.

I was using commercial standards, but was not yet calibrated to a 3rd party lab.

Is this why it seems stronger to me? Just awful flavor bc burnt w oxygen?

And if was vacuuming rig wouldn’t this be distillate?

Depends how hot you run your rig?

The terp fiends are just doing the decarb & devol :wink:

I smoke pretty much nothing but sauce, my reclaim tastes better than half of the shatter and stuff around sauce Etc…it’s just the weird flavor that’s with it…

Makes perfect sense…
LOL if you had a vacuum rig could you keep your reclaim pure?

I know this is an old thread, but I got a sample back. Had some reclaim tested out of curiosity, as this stuff builds up pretty quick. This is from an enail set to 620f, from a dry dropdown. It’s from a well mixed 130g batch collected over the last few months, stored in a freezer.


Nice! No cbn?


Crazy it’s so high potency still


I’m gonna have to start saving all my rig reclaim for now on vs down the crapper.


I was surprised, only 0.9% cbn. Maybe because it’s fairly low temp for an enail, and it’s a short exposure time? Idk


I’ve secretly been putting reclaim in my first pass to be ran again looks like no harm done!