Has *anyone,* ever, definitively and in a proven manner, remediated d9 to ND from d8 with nothing more than a spinning band?

After searching plenty, I feel like I haven’t gotten a definitive answer. I don’t want the “it’s difficult,” “good luck” - type answers, I’m really just asking - does anyone know of any person, ever, even if it’s just a single person alive, that has ever successfully remediated d9 from d8 distillate, and demonstrated undeniable proof? I just want to know if it’s possible, in spite of how difficult it may be.

If someone has successfully done it, I would be curious to know what yields looked like (eg, did you produce only 10g of pure d8 from a kilo of 10% d9 starting distillate? Was this person able to achieve higher yields?), as well as how long the process may have taken.

I feel like I remember seeing one or two people who had said either that they’ve done it, or that they know someone who did it - but can’t remember who I’d seen say it.

I know there are better, easier, quicker, more efficient techniques. I just so happen to have a spinning band, coupled with an enormous cash crunch at the moment. Have a spinning band, don’t have the cash for chromatography.

Never heard of anyone being able to separate cannabinoids like that in a spinning band, that was a failed marketing ploy by br imo

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Any idea what tends to be the biggest issue? BPs too close? Azeotropic activity? Something else?

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If by spinning band, you mean CPC, then yeah.

But if you didn’t mean that, then no.


I am not sure why anyone would think this would separate D8 and D9

They’re the same thing. Basically

The only way this would have “worked” is if they used two different testing labs and one was more generous on not reporting D9

Which is common in the D8 game

The answer is not to remove it

It’s the conversion


Was thinking, with d9 at a reported BP of 157, and d8 shown as 175-178 - some creative distillation might be able to sort out between.

Say, for example, running a higher-than-average torr to retain a greater difference in BP (deeper vacuum, the more compressed BPs are) in order to try and distill off d9, or a more aggressive/higher temp on mantle coupled with an ultra-hot condenser intended to allow for gaseous d9 to bypass/not condense, landing in my cold trap.

^A scenario that would also likely act to, by way of thermal degradation, break down some bit of the d9 present

It’s hard to separate cannabinoids well with distillation, let alone isomers.

Good luck!


Do you know where you got those boiling points from?

That does not seem right is all

Even if those were correct you would not be able to cut a fraction between those to completely remove D 9 (<0.3%) using distillation alone

Some maybe but would still require further cleanup

Flash chroma can but would easily double the price per liter to produce

The only changes I would expect on D 8 and D 9 levels in distillation would be from some isomerization catalyzed by heat perhaps



Pulled the BPs from here.

Issue is that, chrom is of course going to be superior - but, cash crunch at the moment, and I have a spinning band on-hand. Definitely better methods around overall, trying to work with what I’ve got. Very, very well-experienced with distillation, and have full confidence that - if someone else were to have been successful in separation using a spinning band - that I’d be able to make it work. But being that that’s the case, that’s really why I was asking if anyone has or knows someone who has successfully separated

Hard, absolutely - definitely know that’s the case. Really just trying to see if it’s possible, in hopes that someone had successfully done so previously in any meaningful quantities

I have only heard of THCv being separated via short path distillation.

Now I’ll be honest, the one major piece I don’t understand - is why BR is insistent on using their program to facilitate heat rate. Selecting a percentage input will never provide anywhere near the kind of resolution you would have with an actual J-kem controller, carefully building a vapor wall within your boiling flask to slowly build upwards into the column. It’s like providing a system with a butcher’s knife, rather than a surgical scalpel. That, and other components on the system could really stand to be improved - but that’s a major one to me. System would be so much more effective with the program integrating with a J-kem.

with enough theoretical plates anything is possible

I highly doubt a standard spinning band could do such things, excellent machines tho! Probably my favorite distillation apparatus. however in this day and age, youll struggle to be competitive with their throughput tho, still that said, they are very very fun to run.


Spinning band has the tiniest bore size at the condenser and vapor pathway. Hella undersized cold trap and distribution adapter aka VTO. Not to mention it’s kind of a chore to take apart and maintain.

And I cant stand the collection tubes.

I highly doubt its possible. I heard the claim you could separate d9 from CBD with them. We never were able to and the throughput was horrible. Also ours clogged constantly at the cold trap. I hate them. Went back to a regular SPD. I regret purchasing, we could of got 2 SPDs or a wiper for the same price.

Honestly I wouldn’t even bother trying to do this. They’re nearly identical molecules, and at the vacuum pressures you have to operate under, their boiling points are going to be functionally identical.

Better idea would be to get the d9->d8 conversion (or CBD → d8 conversion) to go to completion; i.e 0% THC. Disclaimer: I haven’t done any conversion chemistry

Yeah I would happily jump right into conversions myself (have done so previously, generating water-clear d8) - but don’t have the C1D1 nor proper equipment right now to do so :pensive: